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Love It or List It‘s David Visentin and Hilary Farr are here to help!

Love It or List It hosts

Have a question about buying or selling a house? What about renovation projects? Submit all questions to hgtvmagazine@hearst.com with the subject line Love It or List It for a chance to have your answer appear in an upcoming issue. ONLY questions received via email will be considered. Must include full name and hometown.

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  1. Reidun says:

    I watch Love It or List It a lot and really enjoy it. Question: Where do you find the homeowners? Most are very rude. Do they really act like that or do they follow a script? Also Hilary, why do you even bother with basements? They're a big pain!

  2. Charla Doucette says:

    I really enjoy the "Hilary and David" version. I am amazed at the transformations made by Hillary and her team. I can't wait for her to come and find a solution to creating a handicap accessable bath room in my small house and better storage! (Or having David find me an affordable option!)

    I believe a "Help from Hillary" segment would be a wonderful addition in which person's such as myself could send in pictures and measuresments of a space and have Hillary suggest some options for transformation (and perhaps suggest someone locally who could facilite the transformation if she could not). Perhaps this would garner a joint marketing opportunity for local business and HGTV. Thanks for a great show that actually makes real life better for so many.

  3. Amy S says:

    Just saw Episode HLILI-412H (the Maharishi family) again. I love the 3D decals, not sure if that's the right thing to call them, that were used in the child's bedroom. I've seen them at a spa in my hometown but no one at the spa new anything about the decor. Where can I find these?

  4. CooleyBros says:

    Hillary and David are great together on camera. I've always wondered what they would do and how they would do with homes in other countries? http://cooleybrotherspainting.com/ As a painting contractor, overseas and international waters is always something I think about in regards to scaling and expanding our service.

  5. […] Scott McGillivray, fixer-upper angels Drew and Jonathan Scott, designer & realtor nemeses Hilary Farr & David Visentin + (their junior counterparts) Jillian Harris & Todd Talbot, and even Type A reno maven Candice […]

  6. Mare says:

    How do you get on the show

  7. ctcornerlot says:

    Love this show! We recently wrote a blog on the topic of whether to remodel or or go ahead and sell your home. Check it out at: http://www.thecornerlotcompanies.com/to-remodel-o

  8. jan lauka says:

    how come david gets to go over budget and Hilary does not?

  9. Sheila says:

    I just wanted to tell Hilary and David what a great team they are.
    Hilary's talents are amazing, and she has a great crew that works with her. David is very professional as well. I love this show and have learned a lot. Wish I could afford to hire Hilary!
    Keep these shows coming!

  10. Sheila says:

    I just wanted to tell Hilary and David what a great team they are.
    Hilary's talents are amazing, and she has a great team working with her. Can't believe the rude people she has to deal with. They give her a very small budget and then they get angry when she runs into structural issues or water and mold issues and that eats into the remodeling budget. Wonder if these customers are trying to get something for nothing.
    For once I would like for the customer to give Hilary the money she needs to do it all.
    David is very professional at his job as well.
    Keep these shows coming!

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