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Love It or List It‘s David Visentin and Hilary Farr are here to help!

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Have a question about buying or selling a house? What about renovation projects? Submit all questions to hgtvmagazine@hearst.com with the subject line Love It or List It for a chance to have your answer appear in an upcoming issue. ONLY questions received via email will be considered. Must include full name and hometown.

333 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Smith says:

    My favorite tv show!

  2. Vcm says:

    I wish that once the homeowners would be reasonable with. Hilary and up her budget when she is just fixing problems that will only make the house better while they have no problem going over budget buying a new home?!??

  3. pamela damiano says:

    i love watching HGTV. hillary and david are so funny and they make the program. in every episode, hillary needs to tell the home owners what to expect when referbishing their home…problems with plumbing, etc…..before they even start tearing down the house….she needs to tell them what could happened during tearing the house down….other that that, i enjoy watching them both…david can be very funny…love the show…

  4. Becky says:

    How does someone get on your show?

  5. jamme says:

    I am drawn to the premise and bottom line when I have nothing else to watch. Can't believe the surprise repair that drains all the money from the planned remodel, the homes that don't have the original home's basics, and the indignation and rudeness of the designer, sales person and homeowners. Really? that is not entertaining. I question the designer's qualifications because of the "surprise" changes, I would not contract with such a person.

  6. Cindy Jones says:

    On the January 6, 2014 episode with the ice hockey family, Hilary out a new range/oven in the kitchen. What is the make and model? I am looking for something like that for a future remodel.

  7. T. Anthony says:

    Why, why, why, does Hilary always have to take sooooo much off the list of the homeowner's must have list. They are paying good money to have things done at their house and there always has to be things that take the money. I mean, you take off big things like kitchens and an entire floor. Come on guys lets make the show more enjoyable.

  8. georgenebarnes says:

    I love this show but none of your clients clean. I know you have to show the space so it shows improvement but REALLY clean!
    Also, I DVR the shows and the episode with Sandra & Geoff annoyed me. She was such a Witch ( I want to say another word that rhymes with witch ). He better drink often to put up with her. His first wife must have been a real piece of work!

  9. shenelle john says:

    i just love them

  10. sophie says:

    I really enjoy watching the show.I love the renovations but I really am sick of the STUPID & ARROGANT homeowners. Can you please find smarter home owners or better actors.

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