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It’s finally summer, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been racking your brain for warm-weather solutions. Sure, the heat is great for going to the lake or pool, but there comes a time when enough is enough: cue the A/C and iced lemonade. And for those of you with sliding glass doors, you may be looking for a way to cover them up and eliminate the excess heat that is so stealthily creeping in. Here are some of my favorite solutions:

Plantation Shutters:

Not only will plantation shutters bring an easy-breezy southern charm to your home, they’re also energy efficient in both the winter and summer months.

Sliding Panels:

Because they are so easily adjustable to cover any or all of the sliding glass door, these panels are the perfect solution for someone wanting to save on energy bills while also letting in some of the beautiful scenery summer has to offer.

Shoji Screens:

These Japanese screens are made of rice paper, which does allow some light in the house. However, what these panels lack in heat resistance, they make up for in delicate, oriental style.


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  1. Toshia R. Bright says:

    I loved the Japanese screen made of rice paper. It gives a peaceful ambience to the room. But the fact that it is not heat resistant which is disturbing me, it is the climate in here, especially in winters…. these shades will not be effective in such climates. Windows and doors require to be energy efficient like that of vinyl windows. I recently purchased a double panned window http://www.windowchoice.ca/windows/double-slider-
    I think they look really good and they keep nights warm. They are vinyl windows and unlike before vinyl windows come in different designs and styles nowadays.

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  8. karen moore says:

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