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For the past three days, I have been dog-sitting four affectionate and slobbery Basset Hounds. It has been three days’ worth of floppy ears, thundering howls and melancholy eyes. For the most part, it has been an enjoyable experience, but when I woke up this morning to find the laundry room floor covered in an unmentionable liquid surprise, I was not as delighted as I had once been. After scouring the house to find something to clean with, the only product I could find was vinegar. Because this mess was a particularly icky one, I just wasn’t sure if vinegar would cut it. Needless to say for any of you who have experience cleaning with this particular agent, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it thoroughly clean up all remnants of the laundry room disaster, it left the floor sparkling and smelling incredibly clean and fresh. No more will I be a slave to harsh chemicals and expensive labels – vinegar has set me free.


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  1. Carole J says:

    It's Bug & Jellyfish season in Florida. Keep a bottle of vinegar in your car or backpack. When bit, don't put water on the bite, use vinegar to immediately take away the sting. Works great.

  2. Lmarshall says:

    I use White vinegar for all my cleaning needs, I buy big containers of organic red and white vinegar from the heath store. I use wlamarts white and red vinegar for cleaning. Apple cider vinegar is also great for your heath.

    Need a pick me up in the morning :
    Half a coffee cup of water boiled in microwave to iot Organic state, 1 teaspoon organic honey and Bragg or another organic Apple cider Vinegar Mix them all in the coffe cup and cinnamon if you like and wow what a feeling of boost. continue taking it and watch your heath turn to a better state. The Apple cider vinegar clears the toxins out of your body and they atttach to the thickness of the honey and detox your body if taken on a regular basis.

    I use regular ACV and baking soda on my drains and it work like a champ.
    I also use vinegar like the rest of the post earlier.

    Wow a great past time and some call voodoo tips..

  3. Nama8 says:

    I have a day care center of about 40. Let's just say little boys don't have the best aim. In the evening I pour a little vinegar around the potties. In the morning swiff and all is fresh.

  4. Paul Edward says:

    It's good to see vinegar is just not useful for cooking but also for other type of aid as well. I'm quite surprised to learn the new way of using vinegar. For cleaning needs I'm looking forward to utilize vinegar soon. Thanks.
    balsamic vinegar benefits

  5. I like the valuable info you offer inside your articles. I

  6. Randall10226 says:

    It works well for acid reflux. 1 teaspoon a day.

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