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I never have luck with lotto tickets, but that doesn’t stop me from buying them when the jackpot is too big to resist. I’m sure some people fantasize about quitting their jobs and living off of their winnings, but since I like my job a lot, I tend to think about what I might purchase (after I pay bills, buy lavish gifts for family and friends, donate large sums to charity and invest wisely, that is). This luxe French chateau is pretty tempting, but your Twitter answers may have swayed me.

We asked: If you won the lottery, what big-ticket home item would you purchase first?

Here are some of our fave answers and a peek into what’s topping your big-ticket item wish lists…

If you won the lotto, what would you buy for your home? Tell us now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!


 Swimming Pools:

“I would put in a pool, does that count?” -@mariannecanada

“A pool and someone to take care of it!” -@designmilk

“A second story bonus room for our two little guys. A pool and water slide are a close 2nd. I can’t DIY these.” -@HotTubPilot

“I would buy a salt water swimming pool.” -@BDLoops

“Built in swimming pool!!!!!” -@amylou_02

“Deck/paved backyard and in-ground pool!” -@kattapulous


“A sunroom. All the sunshine and cool breezes without all the mosquitoes. (I also want a boat.)” -@jessicaykr

“I would build a sunroom!” -@WindowsColorado

“We would do a really great deck and sunroom!” -@tholowac

Kitchen Remodels and Appliances:

“New kitchen” -@DangerD_Erin

“I would get a kitchen makeover with the winning loot!” -NonStopStaging

“Walk-in fridge” -@alicesof

“Remodel our kitchen! It needs help desperately.” -@TGL_mandyford

All new stainless steel appliances and a big tv. And a jacuzzi!!!!!!” -@Torielaine92

“Kitchen makeover!! Been wanting for years…” -@chdmomof3

“DOUBLE OVENS!!!! *droooool*” -@jelsew222

“I’d remodel my kitchen and get either a Viking or a Blue Star range!” -@barbie2be

[Ed. Note: If you think you can't fix your kitchen without winning the lotto, then check out our quick fixes for under $200!]

Assorted Awesomeness:
“A new couch becuz my 2 teenagers have it so busted from ‘plopping’ down on it, you can hardly get out of it anymore!” -@sjburant

“Shelves. Matching shelves, all new with baskets and boxes, to line my storage area and to declutter. AND LABELS.” -@ginpeck

“A functional outdoor space – decks, seating, cooking area…and maybe @DeckedOutDecks to design and build it! :) ” -@_MrsFerguson_

“Update our master bathroom. Who builds a house with no outlet in the bathroom?” -@cynthiamiller23

“That’s easy – new flooring in every single room of our home! Ugly, outdated, & worn. #homegoodfloorsbad” -@mamalaredmon

“I’d totally invest in a geothermal system. And then a doghouse. With windows. And windowboxes.” -@GoldDustHouse

“A finished basement for the kiddos (with a sauna for mom!)” -@3funkdz

“Definitely a stable for my HORSES :) ” -@PoweredbyPoodle

“I would go ‘smart home’ and solar panels first.” -@diggitbrother

“A full garage to hold all of the boys’ toys!!! =D” -@billie_michelle

“An Eames lounge in black leather and chestnut.” -@douls

Thanks again to everyone who replied to our tweet! And stay tuned for our next conversation starter. Who knows…if you answer, you could see your name here next time!


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7 Responses

  1. sharon adams says:

    clothes, a car, and a place to live. then pay off all my bills and then to charity (veterans )

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      Those all sound like worthwhile and generous ways to use — and share — your wealth. :)

  2. JKing says:

    A fenced backyard with lots of trees for privacy. Finish my basement.. hockey bar secret passages for grandkids

  3. joeanna anthony says:

    I'd keep one forth of the amount for charity. The rest I'd splurge on buying a house with a big garden for my family. The remaining I'd invest it in business, so that I'll be assured of a steady income rest of my life.

  4. VicVic0473 says:

    I would give money to a small drug store to help the elderly, pay off student loans because as soon as I finished I was hurt and not on complete disability, my boys help me a lot but they don't have much and my husband's mother is 90 and needs us. For me I would love to have a bigger kitchen with all my spices I need, I would put French doors leading out to the deck and close it in for my cat to see the outdoors, and make the garage a nicer work place so my husband could make money. He was there when at 32 ( 2 weeks after my mom died of cancer and I just had a child) he didn't leave me, I had my breast removed and after 4 weeks went back to work and after treatments took care of my child the best I could. My dad but he died 5 years later and then 5 years later my sister was killed by a truck crushing her between a dock and truck. I just want a break and I know others have it worst but I just am begging for some happiness and joy. Am I being selfless I love my family what I have left and would love to have a place for my only grandson whom is 4. My oldest son could not have children due to a brain tumor but he is with Amy whom has bi-polar and is the most wonderful person a mother could ask for. I am asking for a lot I know but that is my wish. We all have wishes and maybe mine is to big but it is the truth of what I would do with a lottery win. Thanks for listening. I live in a very small town of about 3,000 people whom are the best but we are not known like these big cities whom get the public to know them. Love all your ideas and have tried some just to make some extra money, I love to redo old furniture people throw away.

  5. Donald says:

    Luckey lotto players,a must read. http://tinyurl.com/lq9843j

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