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You guys. When I saw these patterned paint rollers on Buzzfeed, I felt like someone had been keeping a secret from me! How could I not know about these ingenious tools? I know we’ve talked wallpaper and wallpaper-look-alikes to death, but these rollers from the very appropriately named NotWallpaper seem like a whole different ballgame. Granted it probably takes a pretty deft hand and a bit of practice to use, but these rollers seem like the best of all worlds: lovely patterns in colors of your choice with very little permanent commitment. That’s my kind of wall treatment.

patterned paint rollers


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  1. where to buy???? says:

    WHERE do I get these "not wallpaper" rollers ????????

  2. Liz_HGTV says:

    Whaaaat? This looks so much simpler than a stencil.

  3. joeanna anthony says:

    This notwall paper seems an amazing idea. It is much easier to paint over paint than it is to paint over wallpaper. While it is possible to paint over wallpaper, the joins will show and it can be difficult to remove wallpaper that has been covered over with paint.

  4. Redredrose82 says:

    Be aware that your goods may never arrive! I placed an order, payed for it and never got it. They fooled with me all the time and after months I Still have to see the tracking number of my shipping and, most important of all, my stuff! Don't buy from them!

  5. bob jones says:

    There is a better and more reliable source with many more patterns. See http://www.rollerwall.com for a quality product. They even have a machine that paints 2 colors at the same time.

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