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In my shared home, my bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my sleeping quarters, my dressing room, my screening room and my library. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet moment to myself, and for this reason I have spent quite a bit of time making it a fun, peaceful place to relax. The color scheme in your bedroom most definitely plays a part in how the room can make you feel. For this reason, I chose light gray, white and yellow for a soft, calming feel. Maybe you’re more of a bright orange or deep red kind of person. These bedrooms from Designers’ Portfolio prove that any color can make a huge impact – so choose wisely.

bedroom color schemes

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  2. Naynay725 says:

    Well I know how you feel I love periwinkle, turquoise and royal blue but I absolutely hate blue on my walls . My husband and I both like warm colors orange, yellow, brown ,beige and accents of red, black and white . every time we have tried blue grey or green it lasted more than a month the only exception are the bathrooms they have some blue and I don't like them

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