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I’ve been pretty bad about keeping you guys updated, haven’t I? Since my last Studio Style post on May 30 (sorry!), I moved in, bought a temporary closet solution, a temporary pantry solution, have my furniture mostly where I want it and am pretty organized. I think the reason I’ve been so delayed in sharing a progress post is because I’ve been shuffling pieces around and wanted to share an almost final layout with you all. I still have LOADS of artwork to hang, accessories to paint/refinish and purchases to make, but I feel like it’s coming along pretty well for only being in a month. Now, I’m only sharing my “bedroom” today, because my living room is still stacked with boxes full of books. (I have yet to find the perfect bookshelf.) So, welcome to my boudoir! I’ll walk you through…

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom

If you look at pictures of my studio before the move, you’ll notice this is the very back of the room. I wanted this to be my bedroom from the get-go. One downside (or upside?) is I can’t sleep in past 7:30 a.m. because the sun drowns in through the windows. I’ve become quite the early riser since living here. I have a collection of unframed artwork that I’ve purchased in South America, New Orleans and thrift shops that I need to get framed. I plan on creating a colorful gallery above my bed that will be a perfect balance with all-white bedding. I’m also in the market for an area rug to provide a nice underfoot when I hop out of bed. Suggestions are welcome!

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Pillows

I’ve never had a duvet, let alone an all-white duvet before, so this is a treat. I also have a black cat that loves to snuggle on my white bedding, so that’s something I’ve just had to overlook. I’m not a matchy-matchy person, but I loved the minty concrete walls by the windows, so I decided to pull some of that color in through the sheets and ombre throw pillow.

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Storage

Space is a serious concern. I have one closet and it’s a storage closet with a 2 1/2-foot rack and three shelves. Yup. So, I found this ikat-patterned storage ottoman for a bargain. I use it to hold all my shoes. It’s not the most convenient thing in the world, but it works!

Kayla Kitts' Studio Window Treatments

The standard aluminum blinds aren’t in the best condition and I have tall ceilings, so curtains are a must. I picked up these basic white curtains and some tension rods (since I have concrete walls). I plan on adding some color to them with a stenciled design or some stripes. Any ideas?

Kayla Kitts' Studio Window Treatment Tiebacks

HGTV designer Brian Patrick Flynn sent over this photo gallery of creative curtain hardware ideas, and the leather belt idea was definitely my favorite. Of course I need to get rid of stuff anywhere I can, so I found a belt I never wear and turned it into a chic tieback. Now, my cat, D’Artagnan, can hop up on the windowsill with ease (and without putting runs in my new draperies).

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Decor

I have windowsills that are actually functional! Give me a spot other than a table to stack books or accessories and I’m a happy girl.

Coming soon: Pictures of my living room and kitchen, plus projects I’ve taken on to spice up the place. Keep checking back!

Follow my transition from the suburbs to downtown living — in a studio:

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  1. Someone please tell me how to hack this.

  2. GFY Store would be the ideal on-line for purchasing tools and hardware.

  3. Kayla@HGTV says:

    Thanks, Denise! It's certainly coming along!

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