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August is quickly approaching, and that means one thing: soon-to-be college freshmen are running all over town, desperately searching for finishing touches to make their dorm room as stylish and homey as a 15′ x 10′ room can be. When you’re working with old, outdated furniture and walls that can’t be painted, that’s a difficult task.

It’s important to find ways to personalize your room, and one of the easiest ways to add personality is to add color. If painting is out of the question, why not use washi tape for instant color? Our design experts have come up with a few crafty ways to use tape to spice up your dorm room. Since it’s easily removable and leaves no damage or residue, it can be used to cover anything from side tables to electronics.

Washi Tape Table

Cover small furniture like this side table in washi tape to create a custom pieces for your dorm room. Simply place tapes in various sizes next to each other in a diagonal pattern.

Washi Tape Jewelry Tree

Not only can it be difficult to make a dorm room seem homey, it can also be tough to find a place for all that stuff you couldn’t bear to leave behind. If you’re anything like me (an admitted jewelry hoarder), you might be searching for jewelry storage in your cramped dorm. Use washi tape and thumbtacks to create a jewelry tree on your wall. I’m all for storage that’s easy on the eyes!

Washi Tape Picture Frames

If you’re dealing with concrete walls or a no-nails rule, consider making your own picture frames out of washi tape. Create funky, geometric shapes to add pizzazz to dull walls.


Washi Tape Door

Rid your room of boring closet doors with a few strips of colorful extra-wide washi tape. The tape is easily removable without harming painted or wooden doors.

Washi Tape Electronics

Personalize your electronics with washi tape so you never confuse your roommate’s charger for your own. The tape will peel off easily, so you can switch out patterns when you’re ready for a change.

What’s your favorite use for washi tape?

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  4. diana says:

    how do you keep it from peeling?

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