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We’re not shy about being totally obsessed with Pinterest here at HGTV. Shameless plug: FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST! WE PIN PRETTY THINGS! Anyway, I still can’t believe that using Pinterest is part of my job because it’s that much fun. I love it for research and trendspotting, organizing recipes I’d like to try, planning my upcoming wedding and yes, keeping up with what HGTV fans are digging at the moment. Thus, our latest Social Sound Off question!

On Twitter, we asked: What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pinterest recently?

Based on the trickle of replies we got, I’m guessing y’all were probably looking at stuff on Pinterest instead of checking up on tweets (ahem), but that’s okay. I’ll go first. The summer has me feeling very tropical and despite the fact that I claimed I was over my “put a bird on it” phase, this toucan print by komitaart on Etsy has made a liar out of me:

Found anything as cute as this toucan print on Pinterest recently? Tell us on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Print: komitaart on Etsy

I am all over that graphic, retro vibe. I mean, how cute would that print be with some classic Martinique wallpaper? It also reminds me of the paintable paper mâché toucan I bought as a souvenir in Cancun when I was 11, but I digress. I found the print through my friend Derya, who has delightfully eclectic pin taste. (Honorable mention: This apothecary bottle with the phrase “Acidic Wit” etched on it. I would love to keep that on my desk and threaten to bust it out at anyone who crosses me.)

But enough about me! Here’s what’s floating your boats lately…

“Is it okay if it’s mine? Star Wars Bedroom anyone? :) http://pinterest.com/pin/498984833684439578/” -@DesignSprinkle

Found anything on Pinterest as cute as this Star Wars bedroom? Tell us on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

It is cheating a little…but I will allow it due to my massive Han Solo crush and how well-done it is. ;) -Ed.

“my favorite paint colors!! http://pinterest.com/pin/113012271871909753/” -@BrassandWhatnot

Pinned anything pretty lately, like this paint color palette? Tell us on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

And here I thought muted colors couldn’t hold my interest. A lovely palette, all around! And, of course, love the Candice Olson shout out in your post. -Ed.

These pins definitely piqued my interest, but I’m still dying to see your best Pinterest finds. Leave them in the comments below! And holla back at our next Social Sound Off question for a chance to be included in our blog roundup.


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