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Did summer fly by, or did summer fly by? With all the fireworks, backyard parties, and beach vacations we can possibly squeeze in between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s no wonder we’re already talking about fall here at HGTV Magazine.

Get ready to enjoy warm weather (with less humidity!) and the calm before the holiday storm. Fall in to fall with our September issue.
September 2013 cover

Upcyling. DIYing. Remaking. We’re big fans of taking home decor into your own hands, literally. This Ohio family’s house shows off a slew of projects you can use for your own space — one for each letter of the alphabet.

DIY living room

Still on the hunt for more fun makeovers? Head to your local flea market, and flip those would-be-trash items. You may even have some of the odds and ends for these ideas (Old ladders? Check!) lying around your house now.

flips ladder

OK, OK. Sometimes we should leave it to the experts probably, huh? That’s what they’re here for, but in the case of this couple from Minneapolis, their dream designer wasn’t there at all. The homeowners ended up giving several rooms a makeover via email. See how technology made it all come together.
email living room

Head to the nearest newsstand to pick up the full September issue today. Want more? Stop by our online home for all things HGTV Magazine, and become a subscriber to get the next issue mailed straight to your door.

9 Responses

  1. lucy gilmore says:

    I love all your shows, open concept is great, giving the kitchen a chance to be seen. colors love the pastels you used, makes homes look so sharp, than you now I got to get a copy for Sept. Keep up the good work

  2. [...] loving this Faux Inlaid Table DIY featured in the September 2013 issue of HGTV Magazine! They used our Martha Stewart Crafts pearl acrylic paint in Mother of Pearl to rehab a boring table [...]

  3. Yolanda Mccray says:

    I subscribe to HGTV magazine in the September issue there are some chrome counter stools. I let someone look at my magazine and they did not return it. Where can I purchase those stools.

  4. al3ab banat says:

    If you have a copy of this issue, can you post the recipe for pressure cooker chicken soup? I cut mine out……..

  5. Carolyn Robb says:

    I love my HGTV magazine, it has so many ways to help you decorate any room of your home. Also, the september issue had an add in it regarding a medication I use, this add showed how I could receive a coupon to save on this medication. With this coupon I saved $60.00 and will save each time I have a refill. With this savings I can decorate my home more. Thanks to HGTV Magazine.

  6. K. L. says:

    Where is the survey?

  7. Barbara Barrett says:

    Barbara B
    I have spent quit a bit of time trying to locate the September Survey??
    Please clarify,
    Thank you

  8. Mary Ann Volk says:

    I love your magazine; all kinds of color idea's, makeovers; & etc. Fine myself picking it up during the day to browse throught it, that is what I do evenings when it,s time to relax!

  9. Nikki says:

    Where is the survey?

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