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Have you ever thought, “I sure would love to have a hammock,” only to look around your yard and notice the lack of trees. I experience that most days. Then I consider putting a hammock on the back deck. But, of course, with no trees, there’s no shade, and that’s no good. This handy-dandy canopy hammock is stylish and practical for the treeless hammock lover. Plus, it’d be an attractive addition to any yard.

canopy hammock

6 Responses

  1. @CathsParty says:

    LOVE the hammock…LOVE the canopy…only downfall is where I would put it! But the thought of lounging around on a sunday afternoon in this, is incredibly tempting!!

  2. craftie says:

    buy the cool canopy . where?

  3. donna beck says:

    How much it this in American money

  4. Ravi says:

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  5. url says:

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  6. Pattimonroe says:

    There's no English on that site

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