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We get it. You love the Scott Brothers. We do, too! In fact, we can’t get enough of them, hence their newest competition show, Brother Vs. Brother. (But don’t worry, Property Brothers fans; they’re filming new episodes of PB as we speak.) The whole concept of Brother Vs. Brother was created because of Jonathan and Drew’s pure, competitive nature. Yes, they throw playful jabs back and forth, but they like to have fun on set, too. We heart them.

Reason #1: Jonathan’s Luscious Locks

Brother Vs. Brother Jonathan Scott

Reason #2: Drew Can Bust a Move

Brother Vs Brother Drew and Jonathan

Reason #3: Drew Has No Shame (And Nice Legs)

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan and Drew

Reason #4: They’re Dedicated to Music + the Arts

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan

Reason #5: Drew Proves “There’s No Crying in Remodeling’”

Brother Vs Brother Drew and Jonathan

Reason #6: Jonathan Practices (Beginner’s) Kung Fu

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan

Brother Vs. Brother fans, it’s time to test your knowledge. Can you guess who said these notable one-liners from the first three episodes? Play Along >>



25 Responses

  1. Brenda Quimby says:

    wow, all that…. lol I thought it was cuz they are so yummy! :p
    Seriously I love both of their shows, n wish I could get them to do our house by just a snap of the fingers *poof*

  2. Mendy says:

    They are just the Cutest two men on TV these days!! They don't look identical to me though. I can surely tell them apart!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I would love for them to find us a home and help remodel, they do wonderful work and seem like fun to be around.

  4. Marianne says:

    Please take these Property Brothers off the air. They are totally annoying!!! I turn the channel every time they come on, otherwise I am an HG addict. What happened to David Bromstad or Candice Olsen or Hi-Low Project, great shows.!!!

    • paula says:

      You are definitely in the minority!

    • Mary Thies says:

      Better get checked out — these brothers are extremely talented. It is amazing how they incorporate 'fun' with the intense work schedule they have. They pay a lot of attention to 'all' family members to make sure they will be happy with results.

  5. Toni says:

    They're my favorites! They seem so "real." And they are so cute!!

  6. Melody says:

    Drew and Jonathan, would love for these 2 talented men to fix up my ranch style home. 6 children later, it's time for the Property Brothers touch! ( PS. It's a 5 bedroom, flat roof ranch with a couple of pitches. I'd like to put a slight pitch right over the entryway. We have a waterfall right over the entryway when it rains. I have to admit it does look awesome and sounds so tranquil but it's an entryway not a waterfall.)

  7. Jane N. says:

    What happened to the "G" in HGTV? You never have any garden shows. What happened to Curb Appeal and others? Some of your shows are too repetitive and old, i.e., Love it or List It, Renovation Raiders, etc. I've switched to PBS.

  8. Michelle Sooklal says:

    The Brothers are awesome !!
    Love the way they can see a beautiful home when a person is just looking at an old house :) , Jonathan and Drew continue to make dreams come true !!!!

  9. teresa says:

    the brothers really know their stuff. what a dream it would be to have Jonathan help me out! love his personality and visions!

  10. Michelle Horne says:

    I Absolutely love the Property Brothers:) you guys need to come South Carolina it is not fair to us, that we don't get to experience a remodeled home! You can't discriminate , PLEASE COME TO GREENVILLE S.C I'M near(GREER)

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