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Does anyone remember the scene in 13 Going on 30 when Jennifer Garner’s character steps into her shoe closet for the first time? It wasn’t exactly a pivotal moment in the movie, but it might be my favorite part. The shoes are beautifully lined up from floor to ceiling. But one thing I was more impressed with even than the amount of shoes was the amount of shoe storage. Unfortunately, shoe storage can be hard to come by in real life. For this reason, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite shoe storage solutions, and now I’m going to share them with all of you.

This fashionable ottoman does double duty as shoe storage!
shoe ottoman

Use chair railing or elegant crown molding for useful and pretty display.
shoe on molding

Lazy Susans aren’t just for the kitchen! Try one for your shoe collection.
lazy susan shoes

9 Responses

  1. joeanna anthony says:

    The ottoman's double duty seems really good. The Lazy Susan Shoe Rack is the another one that I liked. I used Stack PVC Pipe and Paint Cans as Shoe Storage. It just added some color to the pipes and they look amazing.

  2. Clara Reed says:

    I really like the bookshelf idea I've seen on Pinterest (i.e. http://pinterest.com/pin/403635185322957532/) I just wish I had the room for it! Haha

  3. @Maids365 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas

  4. cody3 says:

    love the lazy susan idea! I use rows of these shoe racks mounted horizontally on the wall of my closet.. .http://www.j-me.com/horizontal-shoe-rack-700mm

  5. DeanAshby says:

    I foresee the round table storage method as being something even I as a man would use. I don't need wall to wall storage space for my kicks, so that would do quite nicely!

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