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Though it’s only mid-August, the unseasonably cool weather here in East Tennessee has me plotting for fall decorating projects. I’m a huge fan of the honeycomb pattern trend, and I kind of want to create my own version of the Almost-40-Year-Old Intern’s shimmering wall. The wall is hand-painted. Impressive, no?

Gold and Purple Bedroom Color Palette - Tuesday Huesday on Design Happens

Hexagon Wall Treatment | Lavender Field

Yellow and purple flowers pop up together each spring (remember this Tuesday Huesday?), and this golden grass and blooming lavender is nature’s early fall version. This bedroom evokes early fall’s best features, with bright golds, cozy neutrals and a touch of purple.

What decorating projects do you have planned for fall?


Tuesday Huesday

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  1. Laura Holmes says:

    Love this Tuesday Huesday…PINNED! The amethyst + amber color way goes perfectly with our new signature-style earrings on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/159628273

  2. a_fan says:

    I, too, am eagerly looking forward to Fall. I spotted a Kitchen Aid mixer yesterday that was in a great Fall color: barn red…..and I was so excited! It’s that little bit of rustic glamour that I’ve been searching for.

    Liz, I am a firm believer that everyone has a time to shine. So, it seems so appropriate that your décor reflects that, particularly the glimmering glittery gold walls. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? And, as usual, great eye on the color palette!

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us, and particularly that of the honeycomb pattern. I am a big fan of classic, timeless hexagonal tiles and any reinterpretation of them.

  3. folksymama says:

    Happy Huesday, Liz. I am trying to recreate my living room using existing pieces. I love my cranberry and gold, tiny gingham check, rolled arm, pillow back sofa but. . .I'm having trouble decorating with it. Wish me luck. Thanks for the Huespiration for another project.

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