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BRIANA: It seems the pouf has always been a divisive piece – even our own Lili wrote a Daily Delight called “To Pouf or Not to Pouf?” That IS the question, indeed. What are your thoughts on the pouf? Is it a fun, versatile accent? Or is it a lumpy waste of space?

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LIZ: It’s like a medicine ball and a beanbag chair had a non-functional child. It’s too short to put your feet on and too big to not be in the way. I really don’t get the fascination.

KAYLA: I included a fabric pouf DIY project in my Dorm Room package, because I think they’re perfect in college rooms where space is limited. You can use them as ottomans, additional seating or tabletops.

Do you like the pouf trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

But, I don’t personally see myself buying one because, for me, it would totally take up space or turn into a cat scratching post. I like the idea, but it doesn’t fit into my home.

GRANT: Anytime I see the word “pouf,” I immediately think of the arms on an 80’s prom dress:

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Aren’t they just fancy beanbag chairs? You can’t fool me.

Do you like the pouf trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

KELLEY: I wore that dress, tho in black and with combat boots, since I totally skipped prom. Heh.

But…poufs! I think they’re cute and I keep wanting one for my soulless living room, but I can’t imagine them being comfortable or classic. Like, in 2 years, would I go, “I’m really sorry I spent $250 on that stupid thing and now I can’t even sell it on Craigslist?”

KAYLA: That kid and dog make them look so good, though. Those are good poufs. The leather Moroccan ones aren’t meant for comfort, obviously.

JESSICA: I just want to give all the poufs in the world a big hug. I like the look of them, but I agree that they aren’t very functional. I need an ottoman as big as a coffee table. Maybe a tufted one that I can lay on.

Do you like the pouf trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

GARRETT LANE: Trend aside, the word is simply hilarious. Say it to yourself and try not to laugh. Can’t do it.

We were joking around earlier in the week, and decided that the recipe for the ultimate project goes like this: Pouf + tutu + fire pit + pergola + headboard. If somebody can pull off that combo, there’ll be no need for future endeavors in the shelter space.

We polled ourselves about the pouf, now tell us what YOU think:


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  2. Memi says:

    I found the perfect pouf for my living room for under $50. I waited until it was on sale at Kohl's! I have a sectional couch with a recliner on one end and a chaise on the other. A coffee table would just not fit but I wanted people to be able to put their feet up if they were sitting anywhere in the middle – and this Moroccan style pouf i the perfect accessory. I loved the softer fabric look in my living room to help balance the sleekness of the leather couch. I absolutely LOVE it!

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