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Some people are really into footballbut I’m really into tailgating, socializing and showcasing my school spirit (Go Vols!). For me, Saturdays are completely devoted to my alma mater’s colors and being back on campus with, as we like to say, 102,000 of my closest friends. There’s something about a cheering crowd, stadium lights, crunching fall leaves and a fired-up grill that all feel like they’re meant to go together year after year. What are your favorite ways to spend fall?

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2 Responses

  1. a_fan says:

    I grew up playing tennis, and absolutely love sports and the outdoors. Sports offer such great life lessons such as: hard work and discipline, leadership, strategy execution, the ability to handle pressure and the unexpected, not to mention cooperation and resiliency.

    While game-watching occupies some of our time on college football weekends in the Fall, we haven’t been as fortunate as you, Kayla, where we can join in the atmosphere with 102,000 of our closest friends. Our alma maters are not close by. We have added it to our bucket list, though. Someday, I hope to take my husband to a college football game at my alma mater, Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN, and in return, my husband would like to take me to a college home game at his alma mater, LSU, in Baton Rouge, LA.

  2. scott finger says:

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