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If summer has left you stressed from road trips, keeping up with your kids and back-to-school errands, then you’re in luck. September is National Yoga Awareness Month, and the perfect opportunity for you to start a new, healthy lifestyle. As you may already know, yoga has several benefits, such as a toner body, sharper mind, less anxiety, hormonal balance and more restful sleeps — I could go on and on, really.

So, here’s your challenge. Try a few classes a week at your local yoga studio. Many places offer free or discounted classes in honor of Yoga Awareness Month. When you find the right class and instructor for you, keep it up and I’m confident you’ll feel like a new person by the time the holidays roll around. And if you just can’t get enough, follow these tips to get the same benefits in your own home.

Designate a Tranquil Area

You don’t need that much space to practice yoga. Find an area in your home — away from everyday stress triggers — even if it’s your attic.

Attic Yoga Area

Add an Inspiring Image

Place an object, whether it’s a statue or photo, to keep you calm and help you focus when balancing and breathing. It can even be a wall decal like a large Buddha.

HGTV HOME Buddha Decal

Use Full-Length Mirrors

Place full-length mirrors so you can check your posture and body placement for every pose. At the end of your session, make sure you have a comfortable spot for savasana or corpse pose.

Design by Lori Dennis

Take It Outside

If the most relaxing spot in your home is the backyard, then take your mat outside. There’s nothing more relaxing than the warm sun, chirping birds and a view of a lush garden.

Zen Backyard

If you’re already a devout yogi, please share your helpful tips with us!


Inspiring Spaces

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