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BRIANA: Bust out your ‘80s bedding – florals and chintz have been back in a big way this year. Though chintz typically refers to a type of floral fabric, blooms have been gracing wallpaper, china – even tech accessories.  Are you a fan of all this flower power or do you wish floral patterns would wilt and die?

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MARIANNE: I think it depends on the floral. I can’t get enough of Rifle Paper Co’s floral prints, and I’m putting this little lady in my kitchen:

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Rifle Paper Co. “Rosa” print

KAYLA: I wish that the floral decor in [the first picture] would die right this minute. Also, I hate those hotel comforters. (Sorry.) I think modern florals or retro florals are perfect. I’ll never get tired of them – on sundresses, throw pillows, upholstered side chairs, or as a wallpapered accent wall.

KERI: I’m with Kayla. The florals in [the first picture] remind me of my grandmother’s spare bedroom (except there would be a waterbed underneath – yikes). But I’m currently drooling over this pressed flowers print:

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“Field of Dreams” 18 X 24 Pressed Flowers Limited Edition by HaleyJsNaturalArt on Etsy

DEANNE REVEL: Have you guys seen Kirstie Alley’s former house on FrontDoor? Brace yourselves. So. Much Floral.

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JESSICA: That’s pretty much just what I expected.

KERI: Is that a house or a hotel? Why are there so many beds?!

DAVID HAYNES: My retinas are burning.

BRIANA: It gives off a real “nightmare bed & breakfast” vibe to me, but, uh…different strokes?

KAYLA: Yeah, how many people spend the night there on a regular basis…?

JACKIE MCGILVRAY: It’s amazing how much the busy interior contrasts with the serene exterior.  Pepto-Bismol should sue her for use of their pink.

LIZ: That’s how she lures unsuspecting guests inside.

KERI: Now it’s really seeming like a creepy Hansel and Gretel situation. Don’t go inside.

FARIMA: Oh my…it looks like a creepy Barbie dollhouse.

I love watercolor florals on furniture! Added bonus: It hides stains.

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DAVID HAYNES: That’s quite a chair cover. I think maybe that’s how Van Gogh saw the world.

DEANNE REVEL: I try not to have too many #thisonetimeatartschool moments because it makes me #thatgirl. But. This is how Monet or Pissarro saw the world. Van Gogh was Post-Impressionism. He rejected seeing the world this way.

JESSICA: Too bad he’s not around to see Kirstie’s house. I’d have loved to hear his thoughts.

DAVID HAYNES: Yeah, yeah. Talk to Van Gogh after one or two shots of absinthe. (But I do stand corrected. I was thinking of Monet’s Giverny paintings when I made that comment.)

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LEANNE: Love Monet, but dude needed glasses. He wasn’t distilling landscapes into simplified forms, he was near-sighted.

DAVID HAYNES: Ah, now it all becomes clear. (Heh-heh.)

JESSICA: By the way, guys. I’m just not a fan of floral print. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a stitch of anything floral…I guess I just like geometrics better. Don’t tell HGTVGardens.

LIZ: I own one piece of floral clothing and it’s growing on me. (Can you believe that was an unintentional pun?)

Next…wallpaper? Large-scale floral prints definitely look more modern and are less…overwhelming than poor Kirstie’s pad. Designer Lori Dennis called this wallpaper “chintz in a new way:”

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Photo: Courtesy of Romo

Improbably, I’m still a huge fan of the gingham wallpaper and floral rug pairing in this room I blogged about back in April. It’s not my style at all, yet I love it so.

LEANNE: Flower clothing on women over 45 = Matron.

HANNAH SLAUGHTER: A little taste of old-school chintz every once in a while is comforting – like wearing your grandmother’s jewelry.  The problem with modern takes on florals, like so many patterns, is how easily they become dated. However, I must confess that ever since I saw this skirt, I’ve been trying to come up with a few ways to incorporate more florals into our black & white house:

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(Umm, Jessica, I thought we decided your signature piece should be a floral crown? Have you not been wearing it since you moved to the new office?)

JESSICA: ACTUAL FLOWERS are completely different. Don’t worry, Hannah. I wouldn’t ever break a promise.

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HGTVGardens editor Jessica Yonker, keeping promises beautifully.

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN: Florals are kinda like pop music: We all have strong opinions on if songs like “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus are catchy and fun or straight-up noise pollution, but regardless, everyone has some sort of feeling on them. I say it’s all about the scale as well as black & white to make florals edgy, hip and non-’80s/retirement village. Actually, florals in a dude’s home kind of rule if juxtaposed with something insanely brute and manly. Perfect example: Max Humphrey’s place in the current issue of Lonny. The entry with the floral wallpaper and all rock and roll stuff? YES.

We’ve let our opinions on florals fly, now it’s your turn to tell us what you think:

6 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    I am FINALLY getting a backyard cottage built, a dream I have kept for over 25 years! This girl is going all out "girlie" for this place of her own….pastels & floral mixed with an amazing collection of antiques, baskets, a crafting table, a day bed, storage, and a wonderful assortment of pastel items I have accumulated to hold small items on my desk & around the room.
    The interior of my home is decorated to both my husband's & my likes, but this space is mine…..all mine!

  2. Irmariz Hernandez says:

    I will like to transform my matrimonial room. How can I do it ?
    My room is not romantic.
    Please give me one idea. Thanks

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  4. Sharon says:

    Classic design. Use sparingly.

  5. rosewood11 says:

    The red chintz wallpaper is TOO MUCH. It's not the design itself, but how tightly the flowers are crammed into a small space. About 25% of the graphic would be more than enough. And that chair!!! My God, that's STFUGLY!!! And I love florals and botanicals. Moderation, people, moderation!!!

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