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I am a major clothes hoarder. When confronted about this illness, I tend to blame the fact that everything still fits. Plus, you never know what might come back in style. While both of these excuses may be true, neither covers the fact that some of my MANY pairs of jeans have irreparable damage. Deep down I know it doesn’t make sense to keep them, and I decided I would feel a lot better about permanently retiring them if I could make something crafty out of them. So, I found six projects that might just inspire me (and hopefully you, too!) to get those old jeans out of the closet and into the craft room.

denim wreath

Thanks to Designer MacGyver, I’ve found several cool homemade wreath options (remember the cute men’s tie wreath?), but I think this denim wreath may be my favorite. The end result looks a little intimidating, but the project instructions could not be easier.

denim headband

According to Kara at Creations by Kara, this headband only costs $1 to make. Count me in! I just love the look, especially because it’s so customizable. Not a fan of the denim rosettes? Leave it plain or put your own funky spin on it. The options are endless. Even Blair Waldorf herself would be proud of this headband masterpiece!

denim game

It’s tailgating time, and that means game time. I’m not just talking football. Horseshoe and cornhole are two of my all-time faves, but this frugal DIY bean bag toss looks just as fun to me! The denim pockets are just too cute, but even better is the fact that it travels easily and keeps the fun going. Visit Chica and Joe for the full instructions.

denim necklace

I used to think homemade denim jewelry would have a ‘90s grunge connotation that I was not about to challenge. Jen from Linen, Lace, and Love totally proved me wrong. Can’t you just imagine the impressed looks you’ll get when you tell people you made it yourself? I think I know what all your friends will want for Christmas this year.

denim bag

I like to give gifts that are unique and special, and I think presentation is just as important as the gift. I pinned this sweet gift bag months ago, because I just love the idea of using jean pockets to hold extra goodies. Now I just have to find an excuse to throw a western-themed party. I already have the perfect bag for party favors!

denim bracelets

Now that I’m a denim jewelry convert, I’m searching for even more ways to use old jeans to make new accessories. A couple of fun denim bracelets would be the perfect craft. And I know I’ve said it before, but I just can’t believe these are DIY! Visit Brenda at Dragonflys and Stars to learn how she made these fantastic bracelets.

So which of these ideas will you stick in your pocket for a rainy day? And do you have any ideas for our next Designer MacGyver post?

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  1. Is there a benefit in hiring someone to do the link exchanges, or do you recommend doing that in-house?

    p.s Never take guidance from people on the Warrior Forums :)

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  6. Mary says:

    I made a quilt using the back leg sections from old blue jeans. Incorporating several blocks with a pocket as you mentioned. My added touch was a "red hanky" sewn into each one. Caution! This quilt is too heavy to sleep under.

  7. Janet Morgan says:

    No Mary- it is perfect to sleep under! Great idea

  8. Missy says:

    My grandmother did this for her 5 grandchildren, out of each families old jeans. She gave us each one when we graduated high school. My mom is doing the same thing for my children. They are great! I still have and use mine.

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