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I’ve been looking for a way to use fewer paper towels at home. I’ll rip off the smallest amount possible to clean up a spill, or I’ll use one towel until it can’t take any more. I started doing this for several reasons, one being the exorbitant amount of money it costs to continuously supply a home with paper products. It really adds up! That’s why I love these reusable cloth “paper” towels. Not only is it a more environmentally-friendly solution, it would also save a ton of money in the long run. All you have to do is wash your towels and snap them back together for a new, clean roll of towels. Plus, there are all kinds of cute prints to choose from. Could it get any better?

reusable paper towels

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  1. JRC says:

    I haven't used paper towels in at least 6 years. I buy large bunches of cheap washcloths ( thin ones dry faster) and use them for everything! They can be easily washed and bleached. I keep them on the counter in a pretty basket.

  2. EarlB says:

    This is a good product. I happened to see this when i went for a business conference and saw this on the dining table. That was industrial paper towels. I bought ordinary one for me. It is disposable and handy!

  3. Sandy says:

    I stopped using paper towels years ago, and haven't looked back (and I have three boys!). Tree Saver Towels, reusable "paper" towels, Hand Wipes or unpaper towels are the perfect replacement to buying paper that is only used once and thrown away.

  4. These papers can be used as baby Napier also? What do you say?

  5. Brenda Rumbellow says:

    I got my banana holder at a garage sale. For pennies. Eight dollars at Walmart. And more fun!

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