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I’m a big fan of both spring and fall cleaning sprees in my home. There’s nothing more refreshing than moving into the harsher seasons (winter and summer) with a crisp, clean space. And doesn’t your mind feel clearer when everything is organized and in its spot? Before you crank on the heat, check out this quick and easy to-do list to improve your home’s design and your feeling of well-being from Susan G. Komen®. Plus, it’s just one more thing to tackle before company arrives for the holidays!

First: Unclutter

Organized Home Office

Organized Home Office

It’s easy to let paper clutter get out of control. Unclutter your home to unclutter your mind. Create a space to keep personal information organized, whether it’s a chic filing system or hidden closet storage.

Second: Add Color

Blue and Yellow Home Office

Green Living Room

Every color affects your mood to some degree; it’s called color psychology. Yellow is often associated with happiness, while a hue like sapphire blue packs a more dramatic and powerful punch. Try a burst of color in an unexpected place — like on an accent wall, bookshelf back or mirror frame — for an emotional lift.

Third: Inspire Conversation

Eclectic Living Room

Cottage Living Room

One of the most important things about a living room is the way the furniture is arranged, especially if you expect to host friends and family regularly or even during the upcoming holiday season. Creating a balanced setup will inspire conversation among guests.

We are Susan G. Komen® — a force united by a promise to end breast cancer. For over 30 years we’ve led the way funding groundbreaking research, community health initiatives and advocacy programs in local communities across the U.S. With your help, we’ll continue pushing for progress to end breast cancer, until it’s a thing of the past.

9 Responses

  1. Judy Havrilka says:

    Sorry,It doesn't look like anyone lives in these rooms ,just set us for pictures.This is the kind of stuff I hear people who really live in their houses get depressed about.they can't always look like this no way unless they just sit there on their hands. If it's is possible come show me .i an a huge crafter with nine grand kids .By the time I put it all up I'd be to tired to get it back out or out of time.

  2. Rachel says:

    These looks are great!! Check out my blog post today on a DIY headboard!!


  3. Joan says:

    i would love to declutter! but when i start to go through al of documents,and papers it all seems overwhelming, worried i might through out important
    papers. How would you start sorting and what would be considered old
    magazines I still have not had time to look at. How lonf would you keep documents Bill ect?

  4. cindi says:

    I love it,looks nice and feels homey! I have one grandbaby and it is hard to keep things in order,as I move the coffee table everyday to the side,so she doesn't get hurt..and I place it back when she leaves for the day!works for us.i like a tight ship….a little more work,but shes worth it!

  5. lorreann says:

    Judy you are right. Like the pillows on all the chairs. Are the people suppossed to sit on the floor? And the desk with jellybeans and flowers on it? Where is the pile of paperwork and computer? And the lime green room with the white furniture and kitchen…..there isn't anything on the kitchen counters that it related to a kitchen. They are beautiful colors and pretty furniture, but no humans live there.

  6. Julie K. says:

    I have to agree with Judy and loreann, these rooms look wonderful but untouched by any human being except designers and photographers who set it up. On the other hand there are some simple yet effective tips written here, so I guess it’s all right.

  7. Natalie Diaz says:

    These are really fantastic ideas to keep your home happy and healthy. I liked the designs and the sober interior design to give a pleasant feel to everyone.

  8. ross geller says:

    Well keeping some plants in the room really improves the ambience of the room by making us feel fresh the green colour of the plants add a touch of excellence. you can get more information on my blog too . http://www.entirehealthcare.com :D

  9. Great ideas to keep your place cosy and homey,well written article and nice pics.

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