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Did anyone else collect pop tabs when they were younger? Lately it seems like all the little ones in my life have been filling sandwich bags with the things for some elementary school projects. They could be making chainmail, jewelry, or bags like the ones you’ll find quickly if you’re at all familiar with Pinterest. Those tabs are lightweight yet durable, giving them all sorts of upcycling potential.

Here are 5 innovative pop tab crafts, listed in order from least to most tabs needed.

Pop tab recycled as photo hanger

For this picture-hanging hack, there’s no need to dig deep into your pop tab stash. Follow this guide to turning a single tab into a sturdy hook for your wall art.

Pop tab crochet flowers

Combine your crochet skills with a handful of recycled pop tabs to create these flowers from Escama Studio. They’re like daintier versions of those camp-time popsicle stick yarn crafts, and would make great gifts on their own to use as coasters, brooches, or strung together quilt-style.

Recycled pop tab crochet christmas tree ornament

Add a bit of string and you’re ready to decorate the Christmas tree. Hey, if it’s not too early for stacks of candy canes and holiday music to pop up at the local supermarket, it’s not too early to start Christmas crafting!

Chunky pop tab necklace

If you manage to scrounge together around 100 tabs (what an excuse to throw a party!), this chunky necklace project is a little more involved, but results in a surprisingly sophisticated accessory.

Recycled pop tab lampshade

This lampshade over at Makezine.com is a bit more time and labor-intensive — for good reason. The workshop-grade project can be made with standard  aluminum or factory-dyed tabs found on many popular energy drink cans. Either way, the finished product will be not only visually interesting, but functional too!

Recycled pop tab curtain

If yours is a life full of aluminum cans (or many willing donors) and time to kill, this pop tab curtain project could be for you. Dorata Pankowska over at dorithegiant.com put it together with some thin white thread and approximately 3,500 tabs! The method is super straightforward, though.

Do any of these ideas have you jonesing for a soda? Are there any experienced pop tab crafters out there? 


Designer MacGyver

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