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If your recycling bin is so full of aluminum cans you find yourself crushing them to save space, here are some ways to make that chronic soda habit work for you! Lightweight aluminum is easy to work with for a variety of cute, kitschy projects.


Have any ceramic tile squares lying around from a recent home improvement project? Turn them into eye-catching coasters with soda can prints — perfect for entertaining.

Soda Can Barcode Earrings

These earrings, while stylish, aren’t shy about their soda can origins. This pair came straight from soda can bar codes. The Crafty Soccer Mom’s ideas call for minimum crafting skills, allowing the can designs to shine through. Check out her other ideas and safety tips.

Pepsi Can Butterfly Glass

Aluminum cans provide the perfect material for shimmery butterflies of any size. Let the brand logo shine through (to show off your recycling savvy) or paint them whimsical shades.  These little guys can do anything from flit around your walls to fly within a garden mobile.


Aluminum recycled airplane

These biplanes are a great way to show off any model-building skills, or just some colorful soda can designs. It takes almost six cans worth of material to build each plane, so you can make a dent in that collection of cans left over from all those pop tab projects.

These can also be a fun project to work on with curious kids — just watch out for sharp edges!


Leafy Aluminum Dangles

These lightweight aluminum leaves are easy to mold with nose pliers, and have potential as the base for earrings, necklaces, even wind chimes. Play around with sizes and prints for even more colorful variations.



aluminum flower

A little snipping, crimping, and folding is all it takes to make these versatile flowers. Stick them in a decorative vase with artificial branches for super low-maintenance “greenery.”

 Planning on one of these quick projects this week? What other ways have you re-used soda cans lately?

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