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We’ve talked about elevating old magazines before, but where’s the love for old newspapers? If you still have a hard-copy subscription to the local newspaper, then you likely have even more raw material on hand. Here are some ways to use up that looming stash that don’t involve papier mache or packing ceramics.

Newspaper gift bag

Personalized, green, and cheap, this handmade gift bag serves as the perfect vessel for an equally clever gift. Hand over those presents with pride!

Newspaper Nails

You can show off these wordy nail designs everywhere. In case your stack of old newspapers is dwindling, they require little actual newspaper. Just use rubbing alcohol to transfer the newsprint to your nails, then seal it on with a shiny top coat. A light gray base coat will make the print pop.

Newspaper coaster

Take it from Johnnie, coiling together super-packed newspaper strips will leave you with these hefty coasters. Adding a simple sealant will make them last even longer.

Newspaper shoes

Transform your basic slip-on flats into more eye-catching additions to your footwear collection with prints! These kicks were made with an old dictionary, but newspapers would work just as well.

Newspaper woven basket

Following Vanessa’s method, flimsy newspaper strips turn out sturdy baskets like this. Tip: Try alternating colorful print ads or comics with black-and-white strips to make it more visually interesting.

Newspaper yarn

Give newspaper pages even more crafting potential by transforming them into ever-useful yarn! Find out how to spin pages into spools over at the Green Upgrader and get some ideas on how to use this “yarn” to its fullest potential.

plant pods

Sayward Rebhal of Bonzai Aphrodite shares a great use for old newspapers to keep in mind as you look toward spring gardening. These easy-to-construct pods will allow seedlings to grow inside, free from the perils of unpredictable weather.

 Do any of these projects call out to you? Have any projects we missed worth mentioning? Let us know!

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  1. RSS says:

    I really like the basket.

  2. The nail design is really fun. I like the coaster idea too. Thank you for sharing these creative ideas for recycling newspapers.

  3. momhomeguide says:

    The newsprint nails are so cool. No my daughters can enjoy my family's newspapers, too! LOL

  4. Lisa says:

    Love it but still can't figure it out? I saw it and tried it right away but no luck! Can you show a 50 something a bit slower? It reminds me of the old chewing gums chains we made in elem. school. Lisa

  5. I want turning out to be about a harmed middle can be therefore simple as right after a number of methods.. nonetheless its not…

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