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When I heard that a rustic-meets-elegant table setting was part of the plan for our holiday party, the first project that popped into my mind was DIY mercury glass votives. I love the timeworn look of the mirrored finish and have been wanting to try out a little trick I know for recreating it with just 2 materials: looking glass spray paint and a spray bottle filled with water. Yep, that’s it, this project is as simple as that – just 2 materials and 2 steps you repeat a few times till you’re happy with the mirrored finish.

But the finished votives don’t look super simple — their subtle mercury glass interiors lend an elegant sparkle to our holiday table:Easy to Make Mercury Glass Votives

Ready to make your own? Get crafting with all my tips and complete step-by-step instructions>>

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at DIYNetwork.com’s Made + Remade to throw a holiday party, and you’re invited!

Follow along as we craft the party decor, set the holiday table and cook up the menu. Along the way, you’ll get the step-by-step instructions and tips to throw a great party in your home. Catch up on all the posts here.

9 Responses

  1. Marcia Almeida says:

    I love this!

  2. hgtvcamille says:

    Thanks Marcia, give them a try — the process is SUPER easy and the finished effect looks just like expensive mercury glass. :)

  3. Andie P says:

    Just stopping in from Purehome.com here! What a great DIY idea! I can't wait ti give this one a try- it should definitlely bring some sparkle to the tablescape! Thanks for a great holiday inspired column. -Andie P. Purehome.com

  4. […] Tips for Setting a Festive Table Make a Holiday Centerpiece (in a Gutter!) Easy DIY Mercury Glass Votives Pretty, Rustic Place Card Holders Hanging Branch Chandelier Plus: Painted Pine Cone […]

  5. Guest says:

    Easier said than done, because this can of paint is expensive and I've worked with it before to create vintage looking pumpkins by spraying it on Dolllar Store mini pumpkins. It worked for the pumpkins, but was not cost effective when you condsier the amount you have to spray for these projects to get them to look good and the price of this paint. Just wait for the real murcury votives to go on sale. This Paint often drips too. Still if you want it, Paint can be found at some Walmarts. About 8.00 a can. You need to call and ask first.

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