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There’s nothing like the threat of company — especially parents, grandparents and mother-in-laws — to create that extra motivation needed to finish those lingering home improvement projects. (Guest bedroom, I’m coming for you.) If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, it’s likely you’ve spent some quality time at the local paint store.

Once the drop cloth is up and the rollers cleaned (or safely stored in the garage…no judgement here), why not use up that collection of paint sticks? That’s the humble material this copper-coated herringbone runner started out as:

Make Paint Sticks Into a Herringbone Table Runner

Give them a second life — kind of like Grandma’s vintage coat — as a table runner that will last from Thanksgiving all the way through the holiday season. Read on to learn how to make this chic and affordable table accent.

Start by measuring and cutting the paint sticks. We used a hand saw — no power tools needed! To create a herringbone pattern, you’ll need three pieces of the same size per row. Set the center piece at a 45-degree angle. Set an end piece, cut side facing down, at the bottom of the center piece. Line up a second end piece, cut side up, with the bottom-corner of the center piece. Add another center piece to start a second row. Repeat.

Make a Herringbone Table Runner With Paint Sticks
When the design is complete, use felt and spray adhesive to keep the pieces in place. Then, spray paint it with your color of choice — I used copper, but you could try white, plum, or any other color that matches your home’s decor. Once dry, it’s ready to display atop your fall table:

Fall Centerpiece From HGTV.com


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