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Burl Ives may have sung the praises of silver & gold in the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer animation, but this month we’re taking a pass on the classic metallics. You may have guessed that December’s Color of the Month would be inspired by all the gorgeous decorations at our Home for the Holidays party. If so, you’re right!

december color fo the month

Copper was the clear, unanimous winner for this holiday-heavy month! If you follow COTM closely, you’ll notice that this is the first time a color has made a repeat appearance in the ranks. We first fell in love with copper in March 2012.

copper color of the month

Place setting, Elizabeth Anne Designs | Copper backsplash, Traditional Home

While it felt fresh and clean then, this color can be warm and homey during the winter without the chill that its silver and gold cousins sometimes carry.

copper twine ball and flatware

Tie String Holder, West Elm (no longer available) | Bronze Age Flatware, Anthropologie

Imagine any of these decorations adorning your windows, dining table, your tree or maybe hanging from your chandelier for a romantic dinner:

copper ornaments

Clockwise from top left: Modern Copper Paper Folk Art, Etsy | Hanging Ornaments, Etsy | Centerpiece Copper Gutter, Weekday Crafternoon | Hanging Lumiere Ornament, Crate & Barrel

Is copper a color that you can see incorporating into your Christmas decor, a Kwanzaa feast or maybe even into New Year’s Eve? Do you get a sense of a fire crackling in all these yummy coppers, or is that just me? Let us know in the comments!

copper hood

Left: Copper Hood | Top Right: Snow Sign from Lemon Drop Life | Bottom Right: Money Trees from Ivy in the Bay

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  2. connie says:

    what about a copper ceiling

  3. It’s just a test.

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