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BRIANA: Pantone has released the 2014 Color of the Year and it’s [drumroll, please] Radiant Orchid!

Do you like Pantone's Color of the Year 2014? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Photos: Courtesy of Pantone

Are you glad this purple/pink has put down roots and blossomed or is the hue too much for you?

Do you like Pantone's Color of the Year? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Design: Mary Jo Fiorella/Fiorella Design, Photo: Frank Paul Perez

LILI: Make way for this gorgeous pink, y’all.

KELLEY: Oh wow – way better than Honeysuckle. And quite ’80s, too. Our whole senior class seemed to have ruffle-necked shirts in that color, LOL!

MARIANNE: It’s very Unicorn Club (points if you get that reference).

LILI: I mean, honestly, they all read like Pantone COTYs:

sweet valley twins book covers

Via: The Hidden Bookcase

MARIANNE: Lili, OMG. I think we’ve cracked the code.

KELLEY: So didn’t get the reference. LOL!

BRIANA: Unicorn Club was the original “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Viva la Wakefields!

FARIMA: Is Unicorn Club like a magical Baby-sitters Club? That’s what I’m imagining. I’m not sure if I like the color. It reminds me of cheap, really fragrant soap.

LILI: Oh, I love it. How ’bout as a purse?

orchid purse

Time’s Arrow Julian Serpent-Print Duffle Bag

Or a settee?

orchid settee

Via: Harlequin

Or on your table?


Photo: DK – How to Grow Practically Everything © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

FARIMA: Ooo, yeah love the settee and handbag!

LEANNE: Fragrant Orchid? Meh. Pink does not speak to me. And if it did, I wouldn’t listen.

LIZ: I can’t say this color is speaking to me, either. Also, what’s with the name? Are the swatches scratch-and-sniff?

BRIANA: I am down with orchid as long as it’s OPP (other peoples’ places).

KELLEY: I always wanted a house with a front door that color. And those blinds are gorgeous, Bri.

LEANNE: Oh, it’s not Fragrant Orchid. It’s Radiant Orchid.  That’s worse. Let’s rename it Radioactive Pink.

JILLIAN: This reminds me of a specific shade of lipstick that is very rarely seen in the wild these days.

revlon orchid lipstick

DEANNE: Almost Effie Trinket pink:

effie trinket

Photo: Murray Close

KELLEY: My monitor reads it more as purple, but all the press shows it as pink:

orchid on wall street journal

Via: Wall Street Journal

But wait – Kelly’s hair may be the key:

kelly osbourne and krysten ritter

Via: Today

And Ritter’s dress reminds me a lot of ‘80s mauve:

80s mauve orchid dress

Via: The Rusty Zipper


estelle getty in orchid

KELLEY: Boom, baby.

LIZ: I’m with Briana: This color would look fantastic…in other people’s homes. One of you (Kelley?) should paint your bookcases this color. I’ll come over, absorb it, then go home to my blue/green/orange home.

Do you like the Pantone Color of the Year? Vote now on Design Happens!

Design: Lindsey Coral Harper, Photo: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

CAMILLE: That has GOT to be Prince’s library. I can’t imagine anyone else on the face of the planet (besides Barney) who’d willingly surround themself with that much purple.

prince in a purple suit

KELLEY: Let’s let the other Kelly take this one on, since orchid won’t do much for my taupe/orange/apple color scheme.

KELLY: Who, me? Do you know me?! Ha. I am not a fan of this color at all. It makes me think of Barbie followed by a big collective rabbit hole of teen angst.

barbie dream townhouse

LEANNE: Speaking of Prince, can’t we just Party Like It’s 2010? We can pretend this Radioactive Pink thing never happened.

pantone 2010 coty

DEANNE: Confession: 80% of my freshman dorm was outfitted in radiant orchid/magenta. All my office supplies, storage containers, bath towels, shower caddy.

I even had a radiant orchid Caboodle with silver metallic flakes.

JILLIAN: It’s not a confession, it’s a declaration. I’ll bet your room was the toast of the dorm.

We’ve ranted about Radiant Orchid, now tell us what YOU think:

61 Responses

  1. Ruffslitch says:

    I am schizoid when it comes to home dec. I would LOOOVE to have a boho room, complete with this jacked up pink, but then I appreciate a serene place in watery Gemini beach hues. Sigh.

  2. JetQueen says:

    The phrase 'poor taste' comes to mind. Garish, loud and altogether tacky. Every time I see it I immediately think it is an accident from the paint store and is on CLEARANCE!!

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    Did you guys see this? Apparently they named it after the Pantone Purple Orchid Color of the Year…how convenient lol


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