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Homemade gingerbread houses can be a bit intimidating, but you don’t have to be a professional baker or create a three-story Victorian house to get in on the fun. I make a gingerbread house almost every year — from scratch — but I don’t aim for perfection. Here’s a mini house I made this year:

Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Sure, the mortar is a little bit oozy and the roofline isn’t quite straight. Do I like it any less? Of course not! It’s about the process more than the result. (And its flaws give it character.) No matter what your baking skill level, all gingerbread houses start with a great gingerbread recipe, lots of royal icing and a pattern. Here are 5 houses to try out this weekend.

Option 1: Mini Gingerbread Cottage

This pint-sized gingerbread house is great for beginners, because the small pieces are simple to “glue” on with royal icing.  I decorated mine with pretzel rods, cinnamon candies, chocolate nonpareils and gumdrops. All you need is a ruler and some printer paper to create the simple pattern. Feeling ambitious? Turn these mini houses into a cute gingerbread village.  Get the recipe and instructions >>

Easy Gingerbread House Pattern

Option 2: Gingerbread Cape Cod

A simple Cape Cod cottage is cute, easy to construct, and utterly American. Heather Baird from Sprinkle Bakes created it just for HGTV.com readers — get the step-by-step instructions to create this project now.

Make a Cape Cod Gingerbread House  - Gingerbread House Pattern
Option 3: Low-Slung Modern House

I live in a modern house filled with midcentury furniture, so it’s no surprise that I created this modern gingerbread house, complete with cinnamon chewing gum shingles and mint-chocolate bark trees. Create your own modern house with this pattern from Jordan at Oh Happy Day.

Modern Gingerbread House Patterns
Option 4: Gingerbread Log Cabin

More into rustic style? Try this gingerbread log cabin covered in pretzel sticks.

Log Cabin Gingerbread House Template

Option 5: Victorian House

Admittedly, this Victorian house will take a little more time to create. But with our step-by-step directions, it’s a totally doable showstopper that will look great right up until Christmas! Get the Victorian house directions here >>

Victorian Gingerbread House Template

Happy baking!

3 Responses

  1. Yolanda says:

    The dinosaur in the gingerbread house is exactly what any little boy would want.

  2. a_fan says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Liz. It looks like you brought your “A” game. I see it might have added to the fierce competition this year in Asheville, NC!

    P.S. A special thanks to Keri Sanders, too, for doing a great job showcasing this year’s gingerbread creations over on your sister site, FrontDoor.com.

  3. sndnsea says:

    Love these ideas! The are so doable and cute!

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