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Head to the newsstand, grocery store, or bookstore because it’s a new year, and that means a new issue of HGTV Magazine. The latest Jan/Feb issue is packed with ways to meet many common decorating resolutions!

Jan Feb issue

Want to get organized? Find inventive ways to declutter every room in your home. Looking to save money? Learn how to slim down your big fat heating bill. Dreaming of redecorating without the hassle? Take a tour of a home filled with easy to imitate ideas! Here’s a look at what else is behind our cover plus exclusive printouts you can only find on hgtv.com.

Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, you can still host a winning Super Bowl party! Check out these easy ideas for game day, and go to hgtv.com/super-bowl-party for our exclusive designs to set the scene.

super bowl party

Add some personality to your kitchen without being too bold or tacky. This professional restauranteur from Denver shows us how she brought life to her home.

cuban kitchen

Pick up your copy now, or subscribe here. Want more HGTV Magazine? Follow us on Twitter @HGTVMag. Bonus: See our brand new conference room courtesy of HGTV HOME.


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21 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    More of the same tried without success to enter contest has anyone been successful?

  2. Lynda Wise says:

    I would like to subscribe to the mag again but whoever is handling subscription services should be fired. No mag some months. When I called one month they actually told me they hadn't printed enough. I asked them how they selected who got them she acted like I was dumb since my last began with "W", like "duh, you are at the end of the line, you loose"

  3. Sherry Hull says:

    I am writing to also complain about subscription services. I paid for a new year of delivery in September, 2013. I moved in October and sent in a change of address. I received the December, 2013 magazine at my new address, but did not receive the Jan/Feb, 2014 magazine. I just requested that you send me the missing issue and was notified that you are out of copies. I am so disappointed! I keep my HGTV magazines forever and now will be missing this issue! While the extension of my subscription for one month may be what you think is equitable, it is not! You need to reprint and send out that issue to those who subscribed to it. PLEASE!

  4. Donna Swinehart says:

    Another who wishes to enter your contest and cannot find out how to do it

  5. Donna Swinehart says:

    Finally got smart and read the fine print—the contest ended on December 31, 2013. I didn't even receive my magazine until February 5, 2014. Doesn't sound quite fair to me. If you want to enter any of the magazine contests check the date to see if they are still open.

  6. jjjudie says:

    Jan Feb issue of HGTV magazine has advertised WIN $5000.00 for telling what you think of HGTV magazine. I have been on the internet for over an hour trying to find the survey and have been unable to do so. The link provided does not work, "unable to find page" and searching the HGTV website has yielded nothing. Can anyone help?

  7. jjjudie says:

    Update on previous post: contest began Dec. 1, 2013 ends Dec. 31, 2014.

  8. jjjudie says:

    Me, too! I've been trying for an hour to enter. Got same "non-results" as everyone else trying to enter.

    Re: post by Donna 2 days ago: contest began Dec., 2013 ends Dec 31, 2014. I know the print is tiny, but I used a magnifying glass!

  9. Joanne Cochran says:

    Love this magazine. The HGTV magazine gives you lots of ideas to update your home at a price the average person can afford. Loved the articles under how bad is it. I found these short stories informative.

  10. Tina says:

    I am not getting all my issues! It pisses me off

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