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BRIANA: It’s 2014, which means we’ve got a whole new class of trends to defend…or not. One look that stood out on House Beautiful’s 2014 design trends list was mixed metallics. Our own Brian Patrick Flynn played with different shades of gold in a recent office makeover. So, what do you think? Have you taken a shine to mixing silver and gold or do you think metals should stay solo?

Do you like the mixed metallics trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

MARIANNE: I am all for it. I don’t decorate with silver or chrome much but I love to mix warm metallics like gold, copper, and brass. I mean, get a load of this glamourkitchen from designer Jean Louis Deniot. Hubba hubba:

Do you like the mixed metallics look? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

CAMILLE: Metallics are neutrals, so it’s always okay to mix them.

HANNAH SLAUGHTER: I like mixing metals but tend to stick to small groups of accessories. If you’re going to do it in a whole room, you better have the money to a) pay to do it with the top notch stuff and b) change it – metallics look dated so quickly.

GRANT: I can’t mix metals. A while back, I was looking around my house when something horrifying came into focus — all the hardware was different! Kitchen knobs were silver, chandelier was gold — doorknobs to outside were nickel, while interior door hardware was brassy gold. How I missed this for so long is beyond me. But once the issue was on my radar, I couldn’t get that mess corrected fast enough. From doorknobs to door hinges to ceiling fan pulls to cabinetry hardware, everything is now nickel — and I am at peace.

ALYSSA: I’ve mixed metals with my jewelry, so I say it translates just as well to home design.

KAYLA: Same here, Alyssa. And considering my home is one big room, it’s impossible for me to not mix metals. So I’m hoping I get a resounding “do it!” from the team.

NANCY FIRE, Design Director of HGTV HOME: I’m all about the mix. It works in our HGTV HOME Heavy Metal trend story and [we're] getting great feedback from on-air response. Also, anything that BPF does looks fab!!!

KERI: Metallics are my jam. I love any and all of them. I love the industrial look, and I feel like you can’t achieve that without mixing your metals. It’s fun and a lot less stuffy than an all gold or silver space.

ALYSSA: Kayla — I feel like Keri’s answer is actually what you wanted to hear. (re: industrial)

FARIMA: I’m all about gold, but I love mixing too. You really can’t go wrong with shiny!

NANCY FIRE, Design Director of HGTV HOME: I am at Heimtextil in Germany and they are all over industrial mixes with metallic. It looks hip and NOT tacky at all…updated and very cool!!

We haven’t minced words about mixed metals, now tell us what YOU think:

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