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You guessed correctly if you chose option C. A sheepskin rug adds warmth to this bedroom, while a brass accordion wall lamp brings texture and provides a cozy spot to read.

Photo Courtesy of West Elm

We randomly chose one person from the comments, and Trudy N. is the winner of an HGTV tote, mug, crimson zip-up jacket (size L) and this month’s issue of HGTV Magazine. Congrats!

Check back next Wednesday to decorate a new space.


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9 Responses

  1. susan says:

    What is this bedding? It is beautiful.

  2. DIYattic says:

    The gray wall is dynamite! all the white & natural colors just jump off of it…Perfection

  3. Peggy says:

    I kind of knew it was going to be the brass light even knew where it was going to go…I should have stuck with my own instincts.

  4. mayo says:

    waoo… What a Bed… I Like those Post… Good Job… Nicey Work….

  5. I think your share is useful to me thnx for that.

  6. Fantastic bedding. West elm is really good in modern furniture and home decor featuring inspiring designs and colors.

  7. rah-sb.com says:

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  8. fiaozumx says:

    I like these kinds of fiaozumx..

  9. usbconnector says:

    screen protector kit Cozy, Winter Bedroom | HGTV Design Blog – Design Happens

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