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Does this sound familiar? You’re at the grocery store in the dead of winter and spot a big, beautiful bag of citrus on sale. You haul it home and gorge on oranges or grapefruit for a couple of days (yay, vitamin C!) before your delicious fruit starts to turn into a science experiment. Next time this happens, take your flagging citrus fruits and freeze them into a beautiful ice suncatcher to decorate the outside of your home. Watch our video to learn how:

This isn’t my first citrusy project this January (remember these DIY Home Scents?), clearly I have our color of the month on my mind. What are your favorite things to do with citrus fruits? Besides eat them, that is.

Citrus Ice Suncatcher

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4 Responses

  1. 4Grammy says:

    I did this recently using vines in the shape of a circle, evergreens and cranberries and froze them in a tube pan. Looked really pretty for a few days until it melted.

  2. Hate to Clean says:

    And then when it melts you get to clean up the mess.

  3. Dusty says:

    It's snowing to beat the band and will continue for the next 2-3 days; amazing that our Lord made each snowflake different. I love this idea and have some oranges that are getting soft so will make one and hang in the tree out back. Thanks for bringing sunshine into a cloudy day. The wildlife may feed on the fruit and if not I will let it stay in my flower garden and turn it over to feed the soil in the Spring thaw. Have a joyful day.

  4. how many phones do you own?.

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