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Wooden ladders are functional, but did you know they can also be fun? If you have an old ladder or two hiding in the garage or attic, check out these clever ideas for repurposing them as home decor.

Make a shelving unit out of wooden ladders! Get more wooden ladder ideas from HGTV's Design Happens blog...

Photo: Thomas Liggett

This wooden ladder shelving unit from HGTV Magazine is a bright idea, both literally and figuratively. (Don’t have two ladders to spare? Find some at your local flea market!)

Use a wooden ladder as a bookshelf! See more wooden ladder ideas on HGTV's Design Happens blog...

Design: Tyler Karu

Designer Tyler Karu put an antique wooden ladder to good use as a bookshelf in this eclectic home office. In addition to being practical, it’s so pretty and makes great use of the vertical space.

Use a wooden ladder as a drying rack! See more ideas for wooden ladders on HGTV's Design Happens blog...

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Kuenzi

Traditional laundry drying racks can take up a lot of space, so Rebecca Kuenzi got crafty. She cut a wooden ladder in half, painted it, hung it and added hooks for a leaner, meaner laundry drying solution.

Use a wooden step ladder as a wall shelf! See more wooden ladder ideas on HGTV's Design Happens blog...

Photo: Melissa Michaels

Even if you don’t have a full-length wooden ladder, you can still get in on the action with this idea from Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room. Mount a small stepladder on the wall and use it as a display shelf for some rustic trinkets.

Use an old wooden ladder as wall art! See more brilliant wooden ladder ideas on HGTV's Design Happens blog...

Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

Step up your bare walls with a ladder! Anything can be art in the right context, as this cool installation from Brian Patrick Flynn proves.

Which ladder idea is the height of style? And do you have any other original uses for wooden ladders? Share them in the comments below!


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