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East Tennessee (where HGTV Headquarters is located) got a jaw-dropping eight inches of snow in some areas. We haven’t gotten a snowfall like this in years. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and was still flurrying when I hit the hay. I woke up to a sparkling Winter Wonderland that will soon turn to slush. I know winter weather has been taking over for a few weeks in many parts of the country. You get snowed in, the kids are out of school and chaos ensues. Once snowmen are built, snow cream is made and sledding has become exhausting, frozen little ones will surely need something to keep them busy. Pull out the craft bin, whip up some hot cocoa and put on some tunes. [These are also perfect for rainy weekends come spring.]

Recycled Crayons

How to Make Recycled Crayons >>

Easy Pencil Pinwheel

Easy Paper Pencil Pinwheels >>

Say that three times fast.

Duct Tape Crafts

DIY Washi Tape + Duct Tape Decorations for Kids’ Rooms >>

Tin Can Art

How to Make a Tin Can Lantern >>

Paper Doll Printables

How to Make Paper Dolls >> 

Download the free printable templates!

Block Printing

How to Block-Print Napkins With Fun DIY Stamps >>

Clothespin Photo Display

How to Make a Clothespin Photo Display >>

Silhouette Paintings

How to Make Silhouette Canvas Artwork >>

For even more fun and easy kids’ crafts, head over to our sister site, DIYNetwork.com. Stay warm!


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