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DIY Fabric Garland

Whenever a craft requires extensive sewing I start to get a little nervous. It’s true … I am driving blind behind the metaphorical wheel of a sewing machine. Every now and then, with meticulous planning, I work up the courage to take on a sewing craft, but if I can avoid stitching, I do. That is why I brainstormed ways to create home decor projects with all my scrap fabric without going to battle against a bobbin. Here is what I came up with: a ripped fabric garland! It is so easy and so simple that you could do it in your sleep. Okay, maybe not in your sleep (safety note: using scissors while sleeping is hazardous, in case you didn’t know), but you don’t have to be a DIY enthusiast to master this fabric garland.

DIY Fabric Garland


  • Scraps of fabric
  • Twine, string or baker’s twine (I used a regular twine)
  • Scissors

DIY Fabric Garland

Step One: Take your first fabric scrap and lay it flat. Then, along one side of the fabric use your scissors to cut tabs that are about two inches wide.

DIY Fabric Garland

Step Two: Next, you will want to use those tabs as a starting place to rip your fabric into strips. I like to rip fabric for this fabric garland for several reasons. First, it is much quicker and easier to rip fabric rather than to cut fabric. The ripped edge also gives the garland a more whimsical look.

DIY Fabric Garland

Step Three: You will want to cut all your long fabric strips into smaller strips for this step. Each strip is already two inches wide, but the lengths may vary depending on your original fabric scrap. I cut my strips down to be about eight inches long; however, there is no rule on how long or short your strips can be, so go ahead and go crazy with it. Also, make sure to repeat steps one through three with all the fabric scraps you want to use for your garland.

DIY Fabric Garland

Step Four: Simply take your twine/string/or baker’s twine and cut it to the length of the garland that you want to make. I cut mine to be four feet, but again there are no rules (this is crafting anarchy).

DIY Fabric Garland

Step Five: Tie your fabric strips to the twine. It is that easy. Make sure to really fill that twine up with fabric strips.

DIY Fabric Garland

Step Six: This is your final step. All you need to do is scrunch all those fabric strips together to make your garland more full.

DIY Fabric Garland

A final note to you garland fanatics: remember to think outside the box with this craft. I have made variations of this garland for photo backdrops, for my little boy’s room, as a main item on my holiday mantel and in dozens of colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the length of your garland, the size of your fabric strips and the way you hang it up. Like I said, go crazy!


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