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No one but Hannah replied to my first proposed Defend the Trend topic of chunky knits (which are a real trend), maybe because we had done macramé and it was just too similar? Maybe because this winter has slowly crushed our spirits and sapped us of our collective will to live? (It’s been tough here in NYC.) Anyway, here are some of our thoughts about marshmallows, marshmallows with Instagrams printed on them and other things with Instagrams/pictures printed on them instead. Enjoy! And eat some marshmallows. Or don’t. I don’t know anymore.

LIZ: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/87609155225659761/

(NY people, just roast them over a radiator in your cubes.)

BRIANA: I’ve seen this with Oreos, but Thin Mints is next-level. Good thing I’m allergic to Thin Mints, because I feel like I’d eat a ton of these.

LILI: This looks delicious, even to someone who hates marshmallows.

LIZ: YOU GUYS: https://boomf.com/

FARIMA: Whaaat? That’s awesome. I wonder what else you can put your Instagrams on.

KAYLA: Probably the biggest waste of money ever.

LIZ: OR is it the best waste of money ever?

ALYSSA: This is NOT okay. Even my food instagrams aren’t appetizing as a boomf marshmallow

KAYLA: Depends. Unless I got BOOMF marshmallows that say: “M-A-R-R-Y M-E?” in hot chocolate or on SOMETHING chocolate, I’m not interested.

LILI: I want to instagram a picture of marshmallows and have them boomfed.

BRIANA: Meta BOOMF! Inception BOOMF! (I really like saying BOOMF!)

KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: Decorating with Instagram photos is a great topic. We should all be investing in companies that make 4 x 4 frames. (Note: Pottery Barn.) I recently ordered a stack of Instagram prints from Printstagram (who has some nice related products, too). I kinda dig the giant frame with many, many Instagrams, like this:

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Although, is Instagram pics in general what you’re talking about? Maybe not. Oh well. Instagram stickers are cute.

BRIANA: We can talk about anything we want! I am enjoying this very mild anarchy!

LIZ: As I already stated, boomfing your Instagrams (aka, turning them into marshmallows) is clearly ridiculous…in the best way possible. I will Instagram a s’more and turn that into a s’more. Aside from marshmallows, it’s like this: I already spend an obscene amount of time cropping and filtering to my Instagram photos, so of course I also want to display them on a larger scale in my home. I especially like the ones printed on wood.

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Both of these companies offer that: http://www.canvaspop.com/ and  https://www.instathis.com/

KAYLA: At least once a month I print out all my Instagram pics using PostalPix, and they get to me in a few days. And luckily, it’s not difficult to find 4×4 frames anymore. I love the canvas idea, too.

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Photo: Her New Leaf

Back onto marshmallows though. Still can’t see myself spending my money on that. I just…can’t.

DEANNE REVEL: Instagram crafts should be a thing. I’m surprised there’s not a Tumblr for that yet. I’ve printed Instagrams and made a Polaroid frame to create custom cards for birthdays. Because I kept buying that set at Urban Outfitters. And I couldn’t remember if I gave one friend the mass-produced card with the hipster picture of the tree or mass-produced card with the hipster picture of the shoe. It really makes a card special when someone sees their own photo.

FARIMA: That’s a great idea, Deanne! I expect one for my birthday.

I love the idea of printed Instagram photos, but unfortunately I haven’t printed any of them. I love the new watercolor filter you can apply to your photos. I’m adding this to my weekend To-Do list!

And I would love an Instagram marshmallow. Would I pay for it? Absolutely not.

ALYSSA: Why do I feel fine spending 15 bucks on a salad for lunch but cringe at the thought of paying for an iPhone app?! I want this watercolor filter badly enough…I just may do it!

JESSICA: I’m a sucker for anything you can get your own photos printed on. I get enormous batches of photos printed out every month or so and put them in frames, send them to people, craft with them, etc. I made my best friend a calendar entirely composed of pictures of his dog for Christmas, the year before that I made tile coasters with photos on them. I’ve been wanting to do a wood/canvas print for a while too (reading all your emails as I write this, haha)! I’m really finicky about choosing the photos though, so I always get stuck in that process…..

P.S. I love chunky knit

ALYSSA: Yes to printing your Insta pics (I use Picplum). After I saw this story in the magazine, I went to IKEA for square white frames. I have a similar grid, vertical though, in my bedroom.

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Photo: Jim Bastardo

Oh yah, and NO to marshmallows. Not in general and especially not when layered with chocolate and graham crackers, or when they come printed with your puppy’s face on them.

LILI: I’m totally into the Instagram marshmallows now that I’ve had time to ruminate on it. Aside from getting meta like I suggested, you could get very silly with cute phrases (Eat Me!) for your cocoa or bypass making your own a la Marianne and have someone else print a shamrock on your marshmallows for your St. Patty’s Day Irish coffee.

shamrock marshmallows

As far as the other things? I have to say, you ladies are more on it than I am. I think I’ve printed a total of 10 digital images in my life. They just live inside my computer, aka a very expensive picture frame.

We’ve made small talk about marshmallows and investigated Instagram prints, now tell us what YOU think:


207 Responses

  1. CplusE says:

    Too much tech talk for me. I rarely use my cell phone, don't do apps, and have no interest in Instagrams. Oh, and I eat marshmallows occasionally, but have no desire to make my own (certainly not with photo images on them!). I do sound a little grouchy, don't I?

  2. DBCoop says:

    Not to put the kibosh on the joys of boomf-ing; that is, having your Instagram pics printed onto marshmallows, but what would the FDA have to say about it?

    I have to assume, logically, that edible food quality dyes are used. Otherwise, you could just run a flat sheet of marshmallows through your home printer and frame it!

    If you choose to try that idea at home, let us know how many prints you can get before the printer jams up completely. And whatever you do, don't try to taste sample any of your homemade Boomf artwork.

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