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DIY Yarn Chandelier

I love yarn. I’m what you would consider to be a yarn addict. I love its texture and versatility. As I browse through the aisles of my craft store I always pause and flirt with all the bright colored yarn. If that yarn is on sale you can bet a few rolls sneak their way into my cart. And I’m a huge sucker for yarn crafts. Can we talk about the craft potential yarn has? It has so much more to offer than knitting. And with an obnoxiously large bundle of sale yarn, I came up with a lovely craft I feel does yarn justice: a yarn chandelier.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

All you need for supplies is:

  • yarn
  • string
  • scissors
  • pushpin or nail
DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step One

Step One: You will want to begin to form your yarn into a yarn ball. Begin by wrapping the yarn around a few fingers 10 to 15 times.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Two

Step Two: You will want to form the center of your yarn ball. It’s a little tricky but after repeating the pattern a few times it becomes easier and you will notice a yarn ball beginning to shape. Begin by sliding the string off your fingers in a bunch. Then wrap the yarn around the bunch in the opposite direction. Continue to wrap, alternating directions.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Three

Step Three: Continue to wrap the yarn around your ball of yarn. Once a ball shape is formed you will want to switch the direction you wrap your yarn more frequently, making sure to build up the yarn ball evenly. Once it’s the size you want, simply cut the yarn end and tuck it under a piece of wrapped yarn.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Four

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Four

Step Four: You will attach string to each yarn ball so that when they are hung together they will create a yarn chandelier. Simply take one end of your string and tie it to a piece of wrapped yarn on the yarn ball. I made sure that each string was long enough to reach the ceiling from which it will be hung.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Five

DIY Yarn Chandelier

Step Five

Step Five: Gather all the strings attached to the yarn and tie them together in a knot. This will help the yarn hang in a bunch. I made sure to position each ball of yarn at a different height in the bunch so that it created a unique and interesting shape. Once your yarn chandelier is assembled you can attach it to the ceiling using a pushpin or nail.

DIY Yarn Chandelier

After completing my yarn chandelier I felt so inspired by the collection of colors and textures. It’s the perfect piece for a playful kids’ room or a fun party centerpiece. In fact, I may need to plan a party centered around my new favorite decoration!

49 Responses

  1. mary schrepple says:

    drew2jonathen–i really enjoy your shows. i watch asmuch as i can.ilike the way yoyu get alongi'm so glad they renewed your shows. how old are you and what is your statis? where do you both live. you do such good work i wish icould afford to have you redesign our house it's 22years old and has to many stairs. my husband of 47yearsar and i are getting to old to climb sll yhr stairs. we have both fallen down the stairs, but i'm the only one tobreak my ankle. we need a one level house with no stairs. iwishyou didsome ofyour work herein GEORGIA. love you both and keep up the good work, hope to hear from you

    • Michelle says:

      You can use smaller yarn scraps by using foam balls from the craft store and save a few bucks on yarn at the same time. Think I'll be making this, very cute and very much my style. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Sue says:

    Lets hope you don’t have a cat! Love it, but I have a few guys who would be attached!!

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  4. Sharon Harmon says:

    My Cats would love this. I can just see them
    flying off things to get to them.

  5. Petunia says:

    Ugliest crap I've ever seen!

  6. L. Cornell says:

    I usually like the unusual, but something about this is not complete. Maybe if one used something besides string to hang it like maybe bead covered strings. Something flat and messy about this. How about some bling affixed to the yarn balls…sorry.

    • pscscrysta says:

      What about a ring of some kind at the top, to provide a little space between the balls? I'm thinking then you could vary the lengths of string from short to long, making a vertical spiral, or even just keep them random but less clustered.

      • Alix Adams says:

        Yes you could totally space all the balls out with a ring! That's a great idea! I personally like how they look all clumped together, but that is a personal preference and definitely not a rule!

  7. MamaSquirrel/Cinlin/Wulfthryth says:

    need Pinterest button, I love this

  8. epxgaoai says:

    Really enjoy this kind of epxgaoai! Couldn’t are making a significantly better get. One of the most useful the things i have purchased throughout the year!

  9. Simply amazing! But my cats will surely jump on this and try to play with it.

    • Alix Adams says:

      A couple other people mentioned how much their cats would love it (and destroy it) :) …It could be just a craft for your cats!

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