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If there ever was a product that screamed: “Please, just leave me to my function and forget my form. I’ve got a job to do!” it’s the lowly doormat. And who could blame it? Its sole purpose is to be stepped on with dirty shoes. When Briana suggested we look for some mats that were not-too-kitschy yet not too plain I knew I’d have some hunting to do. I think I’ve found some good options in a range of styles that meet the aesthetic requests and don’t shirk their function altogether:

door mats

1. Anchor West Elm; 2. Tvis round mat IKEA; 3. Wink Orange Rug; 4. Oceanstar Bamboo; 5. Branch Door mat; 6. Magical Thinking Southwest Geo Rug; 7. Turkish Doormat

I have to admit, at my own apartment, I go for pure function in my entryway. I’ve got a recycled-tire doormat that you can stand on with dripping, snowy boots and just wipe down later. However, these are all so pretty that I might reconsider my choice of pure utility leaving me, as usual, with a case of the wants.

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  1. Vasile says:

    my own apartment looks so nice. It's so elegant!

  2. seo says:

    very nice designs. I subscribed to this page :)

  3. Briana@HGTV says:

    These are great! Thanks for your hunting. :) 1, 3 and 6 are totally my jam.

  4. Liz_HGTV says:

    Ooh, I like #3.

  5. Diane Jeffers says:

    I want to know when you are doing white molding do you have to paint the doors white to. Can they stay wood color. I puting down laminatte floors down. Isn't it the style to make your molding white .

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