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Making its debut as early as the 1930’s but not truly popularized until the 1960’s, this former military application isn’t so much an emerging trend as it is a look that seems to be habitually hip. Perhaps with an occasional ebb and flow in mainstream popularity, Lucite remains on the design radar and readily available in decor and accessories, even despite some of its less than stellar uses in the past. This barely there material never ceases to bring that sense of coolness to a space, and designers are always finding new and clever ways to add this stealthy staple to the mix.

Love of Lucite

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From commercial signage applications in a residential space to fully stocked bar carts that are light on their feet, this industrial strength ‘upstager’ is constantly turning heads. Once a game changer always a game changer I suppose, since the general design of Lucite pieces doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. In fact, aside from the more extreme examples from a particular era, it would be quite difficult for the average person to guess which pieces were made in the 60’s and 70’s and which might have been made today.

Love of Lucite

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So what is it about Lucite that remains forever young and timelessly chic? It might be the modern vibe it brings to a space, or its weightless and futuristic nature, maybe it’s that extra bit of unexpected something special that ties it all together — I really couldn’t say, but I know I enjoy seeing it happen — as often as possible, for now. So how about you? Do you have a love of Lucite or could you leave it at the door?

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  1. Julie th says:

    When we lived in Germany! I used to enjoy a store in Aachen which had stunning lucite pieces and I used to yearn after them! I also had a great yen to own a Philippe Starck ghost chair, but to my sorrow I never quite made it, and now we are retired and living in a small house I haven't got room anyway. But recently I found some pieces of lucite in a junk store and my clever husband has made some very elegant shelving for a mirror-backed cupboard where we keep silver and crystal. Gorgeous

  2. James Schiller says:

    These pieces are indeed forward-looking designs, simply timeless. Whether you use them now, or a decade later, they will still look futuristic. And they have this uncanny ability to just blend in, no matter the theme. Lovely! I can also see why it was first used by the military.

    They kind of remind me, as well, of my home – Charleston city. The charm of the place has this great ability to sink in with changing times without losing its identity. I guess, it also largely because the city and the people have kept the heritage alive by continuing to live in and preserve the very old homes that were a family seat for generations. We never really lost touch of our history and who we are as a people. Our culture is our pride. If you check out downtown charleston sc real estate, you will see that some old homes are so well-kept they can still be in the market.

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  4. ejdfwino says:

    Message agile, ejdfwino ds seul emballage soigné, soubrette accord,

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