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I was that girl with the Barbie™ mansion, pizza shop, post office, supermarket, boutique, classroom — I mean, should I really continue? I was the mayor of Barbieville™. So, when I found out that party stylist and HGTV contributor Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio partnered with Barbie™ in celebration of the iconic doll’s upcoming birthday, I immediately took a turn down Memory Lane.

To kick off Barbie’s™ month-long birthday celebration (starting March 9!), Kim styled this glamorous girls’ birthday party. Read on for Kim’s ideas and party inspiration.

Barbie Birthday Party

Following Barbie’s™ classic style, Kim chose a black, white and pink color palette.

Barbie Birthday Party

Oversized balloons, ribbons, striped table runners and cupcake stands keep the table chic and stylish but simple to re-create.

Barbie Birthday Cake

Kim modeled this stunning modern-day Barbie™ cake after one her mother made for her fourth birthday. (According to Kim, all you need to make this cake is a Barbie™ doll and a few simple baking tools.)

Barbie Birthday Party

Cookies shaped like bows and dresses continue the fashion theme. They actually might be too pretty to eat.

Barbie Birthday Party

You can’t have a birthday party without ice cream! Kim says: “Pre-scoop ice cream before the party begins so you can serve it quickly with cake when the time comes.”

Barbie Birthday Party

Dress up yummy cupcakes with Kim’s free printable designs. Then, give kids something to sip on, like pink lemonade, to coordinate with the palette.

Barbie Birthday Party

A fun activity for party guests is a fashion show. The girls can get their hair and makeup done while styling their Barbies™, too.

Barbie Birthday Party

Once everyone’s styled and ready, it’s time to strut the catwalk. Line up chairs, turn up the music and let each partygoer take turns showcasing their style. Kim suggests: “Have the guests pose for photos after the fashion show and send a copy out with the thank you cards.”

To get more ideas, inspiration, free printables and to see all the photos from Kim’s chic Barbie™-themed party, head over to The TomKat Studio.

37 Responses

  1. TomKat Studio says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this party, Kayla!

  2. Chris says:

    Ugh. I'm sorry, but I can't stand the idea of my daughter having a Barbie themed birthday. Don't get me wrong, she loves pink, purple, and tutus (and any combination thereof), and I embrace that very girly-ness that makes her who she is. There are only a few things that we avoid at all cost, and one of them is wanting to be like Barbie. Growing up, she will have plenty of opportunities destroy her self-image (sarcasm). I don't want to rush that along by holding Barbie up on a sickly skinny pedestal.

    This is an adorable idea for a party though, and I love every other part except for Barbie. I think we'll do something like this without her.

    Thank you for sharing!!

    • know history says:

      Chris apparently you are unaware that girls get their self-esteem from their fathers and not inanimate objects. Next time do your research before making pseudointellectual comments that have no basis in fact.
      Many of us grew up surrounded by all things Barbie and somehow managed to get in to top US universities and become extremely successful. So much for your theory.

  3. uoguowug says:

    Très bien uoguowug, emballage soigné alors envoi rapide ! Que du bonheur – Merci

  4. Marcy says:

    I grew up with Barbie and friends and I did not see her as a role model for skinny. For me, Barbie embodied female empowerment to be anything…a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a wife, a mother…my role play growing up in the '80's was to become whomever I wanted. And I succeeded. I think it's the adults who see Barbie as the wrong ideal when children just see a doll to play pretend. I like the birthday party idea and I like girls coming together to be girls and play pretend and build self-confidence.

  5. Jannet says:

    GOSH!!! That's really cute. Girls must have loved it. Kids just love to have their favorite character themed parties. My twins celebrated their birthday few months back and we did in cartoon themed one and asked everyone to come in their favorite cartoon character. I laughed my heart out when kid's parents too came in some funny costumes. :D
    We have enough space in our backyard, so we had a mini foam bath, a clock castle bouncer and a slider for kids to have fun, actually we hired these from superior events group (www.superiorevents.ca). We had a big cake designed in the form Winnie and friends, which was done at a local bakery. We set the whole party outdoor and that really gave kids to have all sort of fun at full swing. Outdoor party also gave me a stress free go, or I'll be mostly worried with kids around the vases and each precious things in the house. In the end the party was really great and we all had a great time.

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  6. Sharyl says:

    Love love love this party theme. My 5 year old loves Barbie and so did I as a kid. Thanks for the inspiration!

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