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I can’t fully say spring has sprung here at HGTV Headquarters, but we had some pretty incredible spring-like weather over the weekend. And with Plant a Flower Day coming up on Wednesday, the timing couldn’t be better. Yahoo web trend expert Lauren Whitehouse said users are already searching for spring flowers, and some of the top-searched picks  are everything from sunflowers and carnations to lilies and irises. Clearly you can see where my inspiration for today’s board came from.

Mood Board Monday: Sunflowers Hair | Flower Heart | Print | Fashion | Bouquet | Dress | Child | Arrangement

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102 Responses

  1. flowergirlcraft says:

    Looks like you are anxious for spring! Yellow is such a teaser getting us ready for those wonderful days to come!

  2. On the Go Bride says:

    Thank you for the including one of my features in your board!

  3. Monica says:

    Ok sunflowers are beautiful,but
    their summer time instead of Spring.

  4. dvemyhce says:

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