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Oh lowly trash can, where would we be without you? We would be surrounded by piles of trash, that’s where.

Silly odes to the waste bin aside, this kitchen necessity is often overlooked as an accessory that is deserving of good design. Understandably, many trash cans are made of hard plastic, straight-lined and completely unadorned (all the easier for cleaning). But for those of us who are looking for a more — dare I say? — classy trash can that you can proudly display out in the open, there are some real beauties out there:

I’ve coveted the classic Wesco Kickboy for some time, but it’s a bit of an investment piece. That hot pink (radiant orchid?) Premier Housewares bin, which I could only find available in the UK, would look dynamite in an all-white kitchen. So what do you guys think? Do these trash cans make your “want” list?



26 Responses

  1. flowergirlcraft says:

    Have the Nine Star motion sensor, it is a joy when you have something messy in your hands! Love, love the Radiant Housewares Radiant Pink one!!! Just think how you could decorate that one up! Looks like a challenging project for you to come up with!

  2. dianne says:

    I have been on this bandwagon for sometime. Just last Friday I found a new metalic can for my master bath. Check out HomeGoods that's where I found three of mine: a gray basket for the mastersuite and a killer for the kitchen!!

  3. unartist says:

    The Radiant Pink one is to die for! Too bad it's not in the USA. Also what about other colors, like red, hint, hint.

  4. me says:

    To unartist, the can u lile comes in red…hint hint…..

  5. me says:

    To unartist, the can u like comes in red…hint hint…..

  6. dawnerz says:

    Why don't we paint the trash cans the color we want, or use those sticky wall decorations on the cans too!!

  7. amyqvusy says:

    convention parfaite alors amyqvusy conforme à cette reproduction. Très sérieux.

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