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You might be willing to tolerate a smattering of the seventies here and there, from some of the more glamorous light fixtures, to a few of the iconic furniture pieces that have begun a new day of celebration, but I’m curious how you feel about the resurgence of fiber art and weavings that have become the trend du jour? Quite often, as we see trends reemerge there is a slight trickle-down effect and the end result only hints at the original. Once in a while we see the full look and style revisit under virtually the same terms and conditions it did previously, and this is definitely one of those times.


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Big, bold, and utterly handcrafted, the vintage varieties of these pieces are highly sought after by a crowd that happens to include the likes of the designers sourcing for ACE Hotel, and always on the forefront of the design scene. Where they go, many a designer will follow, but it seems this is precisely where the design world was heading regardless.


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The seventies appear to be back in full swing for the moment, right alongside a few of the other decades that are still enjoying a bit of their prime.  In fact it seems much of the second half of the last century is up for grabs right now and designers and makers alike are flocking to the past for inspiration if not directly for the resources themselves.


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While all things vintage are current for the moment, it’s interesting to see the skillset behind these works become a target for the more hands-on community. Weaving and the arts surrounding the loom are taking an upturn in the world of craft and I for one can’t wait to see where this particular aspect leads.

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