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BRIANA: Today’s trend comes to us from the HGTV Home Studio Home & Garden Headlines newsletter: Black fences. I’ve heard what you think about black walls, but what about these hot garden backdrops cropping up everywhere? Are they a great contrast for all the flora and fauna or too dark and dreary for the outdoors? Do you prefer fences of the white picket variety or are you ready to embrace this trend? Talk to me!

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Photo: The Landscape Architect Garden Design Consultancy via Gardenista

MARIANNE: I love the contrast of a deep charcoal fence against lush greenery. In fact I love the color combo so much we are contemplating painting our modern house in the woods almost black! The darker tones in this Brian Patrick Flynn design are my inspiration:

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

KERI SANDERS: I fell in love with dark fences right about the time I saw this image of Dan Faires’ outdoor entertaining area:

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

It may not be a fence, and it may not be black; but it’s pretty darn close. I think black fences are chic, especially in urban settings. Plus, they make the surrounding greenery look amazing!

KELLY SMITH TRIMBLE: I think black tends to blend into a lush landscape rather than show up against it. This fence gate (though it might be called dark gray) is a nice example. I like how it feels less intrusive of the path than a white gate would, so even though it serves the purpose of privacy, you feel more welcome to walk through to the other side.

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Similarly, the blue-black decking in this scene blends with the landscape rather than contrasting against it. I imagine it feels more natural in winter, too (unless there’s snow, though I don’t imagine there is much here).

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

JESSICA: We’re sold [at HGTVGardens]! #shamelessplug

But no really, I’ve always loved dark walls, wood, furniture, etc., so fences aren’t too far off!

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

The only thing I’d be worried about is it weathering and fading to a murky, icky brown-gray color (I guess that could happen with any color you choose, though).

LILI: Oh that’s cute, Jessica! I haven’t seen black picket fences before, just the horizontal ones like Briana’s and Keri’s. I dig it, though. (Garden pun intended.)

NANCY FIRE, Design Director of HGTV HOME: I LOVE dark fences as well, especially when they become pieces of art…graphic and clean. Nice garden drama!!

Do you like the black fence trend? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Via: TLC Landscape & Pool Design on Pinterest

WATSON HAWKINS: While I don’t disagree with the dramatic contrast, I’m not sure I’d want a black fence. It’s not very aspirational — most folks aren’t picking up extra shifts to own a house with a black picket fence. Give me this look, especially in spring:

Do you like black fences or prefer the white picket look? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

KAYLA: There’s just something about a white fence.

Do you like the black fence look or prefer white fences? Vote now on HGTV's Design Happens blog!

Via: JewelSugar on Pinterest

We’ve bickered about black fences, now tell us what YOU think:


40 Responses

  1. CplusE says:

    I like the look of black fencing, and it can be practical as well. A lot of Kentucky horse farms traditionally painted their wood plank fencing with black creosote to keep horses from chewing on the wood. Nowadays there are safer and more practical alternatives, but that look of black plank fencing is classic:

  2. indimenticabile says:


  3. CucumberH0H says:

    I love the look of black in the yard. It's bold. Adds some character. It's different than your neighbors or others. Black fences in different styles/varieties :Chain, wrought iron,stained/painted wood and the vinyl fenced too. I like the articles/photos posted. White looked nice too. Mix & blend the two colors.

  4. Eugenia27 says:

    There is something to be said for the classic white fence; nice curb appeal. In the back of the home I would prefer a dark grey.

  5. Yatak Odaları says:

    Garden furniture is very nice. Sets want to see in the bedroom. http://www.yatakodalari.com.tr/

  6. Sassy says:

    Black is not a trend. Writers create fantasy trends.

  7. Kate says:

    Black Fences do not need to be promoted, they have been around for many, Many years, and like most things You either like them or YOU don't!! There are, if done properly very elegant! So if you like them use them!! We do not need to be herded into one style or another!!

  8. Jean says:

    I think that both black fences and white fences are equally attractive, just as natural wood can also be beautiful. I especially liked the modern fences that were black or charcoal–it gave them character. Although I appreciate modern style aesthetically, my own style is more traditional (I do love picket fences in white, but I think black would be a cool change).

  9. eviegirl says:

    Black/dark fencing sets a mood of quiet and yet is so simple it allows fewer items/plants/furniure is be a focus thereby allowing another mood to be expressed simultaneously. Clever!

  10. Laurelg in PA says:

    While both black and white fences look nice, I think that white became a favorite because it did not weather as fast? Dark colors seem to require repainting more often to look fresh because they attract the sun and wear down faster. Also, on concrete would retain the heat longer but that could be a good thing for some uses.

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