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We’ve covered crafts you can make with wine corks, bottles, glasses and crates…what could possibly be left? This great post on Made + Remade reminded me: Wine barrels! Small scotch barrels make for attractive shelving and storage, but you’ve gotta think bigger for wine barrels. Take a look at some of our best ideas and if you’re inspired, hit up your local winery or hardware store’s garden center to claim your vessel.

5 Whimsical Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

This wine barrel fountain‘s got a clever twist: the water flows out of the wine bottle on top! This would make a charming water feature for any oenophile’s garden. Get all the how-to details here.

5 Whimsical Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

Surround your wine barrel garden fountain with these awesome wine barrel planters to get a whole theme going. Learn how to make the barrels planter-ready with our instructions and tips.

5 Whimsical Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

Landscape designer Scott Cohen gave this backyard remodel an intoxicating style boost with a wine bottle outdoor shower complete with a wine barrel spout. Talk about being showered in luxury!

5 Whimsical Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

You may not be able to turn water into wine, but you can turn a wine barrel into a sink vanity, as craftsman John Koering proved with this beauty. (Just make sure you’ve done the proper finishing and sealing for the moist, humid bathroom environment!)

Want a classy backyard bar? Try a wine barrel table! This step-by-step video from DIY Network will show you how it’s done.

Which wine barrel idea looks like a barrel of fun? And do you have any more clever uses for old wine barrels? Tell us in the comments below!

18 Responses

  1. rss says:

    I love the way the sink vanity looks.

  2. DBCoop says:

    Love the wine barrel fountain and flower bed, especially if I could get the barrel delivered full direct from the vineyard. That would make the project so much more fun both before and after….

    • TedFrankAnn says:

      I like your way of thinking! My biggest problem would be after drinking all that wine, I never would get the fountain-planter made. LOL

  3. WBW says:

    We make items from wine barrels. Will have to try to fountain. We've done several of the sink cabinets for customers.

  4. WBW says:

    We make chandeliers, crosses, candle sconces, benches, tables, stools, wine racks, trays, lazy susans, serving boards, dog beds, coat and hat racks, saddle racks, cork boards… You name it and we can make it.

    • Madeleine says:

      Do you have a web site?

    • Betseygal says:

      Hi WBW: I am assuming you sell all these 'wine-barrel items' you make. Do you have a website w/pictures on them that I could look at, in case I can afford to order something from you?
      Thanks, hoping for a reply.

  5. Jessica says:

    I love the idea of wine barrel planters for my backyard! I'm in the middle of renovating it for Spring, just had fresh Phoenix sod installed by Evergreen Turf (http://www.evergreenturf.com/) and looking for different ways to add accents like potted flowers. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Linda Shatto says:

    I love cabinet for the bath

  7. winepine says:

    Love the sink vanity and flower gardens.

  8. Elma Sherry says:

    MY God i never think before about this creativity! you have performed radiant job love this become biggest fan the entire team love it !

  9. Teri says:

    Ok, where do you find wine barrels?

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      Hi Teri! I've seen wine barrels for sale on eBay, Amazon and specialty websites as well at places like home improvement stores (usually the garden section). You can also try calling wineries in your area and asking if they'll sell you their old, unusable barrels. They may not be fit for making wine anymore but should still work for DIY projects. Hope that helps!

  10. Brian says:

    Combine the vanity base with the table from the video to make an outdoor bar/table with storage below for wine, utensils, drinks, etc… Just seal them well if you want temp controlled storage.

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