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I’m obsessively mad about stripes. I actually have to space out my stripe wear throughout the week to make sure I don’t overdose my coworkers. Horizontal, vertical, skinny, thick, zig-zag — you can’t go wrong. And there’s nothing quite like a lovely nautical stripe to prep for loungy beach days.

(Gossip Girl voice) [Spotted, editor Liz Gray wearing a black and tan striped top that's so perfectly suited for today's post.]

Mood Board Monday: Stripesvia: Orange + Blue Dress | Blue + White Sofa | Vintage Fashion | Black + White Jumpsuit | Vintage Dress | Vases | Socks | Umbrella | Gallery Wall + Sofa | Man on Stairs

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5 Responses

  1. rss says:

    I also love stripes. Love the blue and white sofa.

  2. DBCoop says:

    I could see myself enjoying the comfort of that refreshingly cool midnight blue and white striped sofa. The pink pumps and black and white striped socks? Not so much…

  3. Joanie says:

    Love the super cute dress!

  4. […] I know the difference between tropical and nautical. Also, I love a good navy and white stripe (like in Kayla’s mood board) and a big floral print — that’s the kind of preppy southern vibe I’m […]

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