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When I say in my blog bio that I’m a “mid-century modern magpie,” it’s not just an excuse to get alliterative. Like the bird of the same name, I too hoard small shiny objects. Jewelry is a particular problem for me, and no matter how many boxes or trinket dishes I fill, I’m compelled to collect more baubles. Now that I’m in spring cleaning mode, I’m trying to get organized and part with the pieces I rarely wear, but what can I say? I’m sentimental. This Pinterest pin inspired me to start thinking of old jewelry in a new light and I found even more amazing craft ideas to turn my paste into priceless decor. Now I can keep it all! [insert evil supervillain laugh here]

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems
Old jewelry is a perfect way to get creative with curtains. Use a beaded necklace as an eye-catching tieback that won’t break the bank, like designer Brian Patrick Flynn did here. (Bonus: It picks up the colors in the wallpaper, too.)

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems
Don’t have a beaded necklace you can spare? Thick bracelets or men’s cuffs also work well in this context. Cinching your curtains is a cinch with old jewelry!

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems
You don’t have to bust out the good china to make a dinner party feel like a special occasion. Make like Matthew Mead and adorn some plain napkin rings with vintage jewelry for a touch of sophisticated sparkle.

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems

Photo: Ashlee Park of My So Called Crafty Life

I’m all about fancying up fridge magnets and it doesn’t get more fancy than shiny old jewelry. Ashlee at My So Called Crafty Life made the charming examples seen here. Check out her blog for the DIY instructions to make your own.

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems

Photo: Camilla Fabbri

Bling out your houseplants! No, really! These bejeweled picks could take any potted plant from drab to fab in an instant. Camilla Fabbri shares more details and photos on Family Chic.

Old Jewelry Crafts That Are Real Gems

Photo: Flourish via Fancy Pants Weddings

We’re heading into wedding season, so if any of you readers out there are planning your nuptials, get a load of this jaw-droppingly beautiful bridal bouquet I found. Brooches and real blooms are a killer combo…and just imagine mixing in some pieces your mother or grandmother passed down for your “something old!” If you’re smitten, learn how to make your own brooch bouquet with the tutorial on Fancy Pants Weddings.

Don’t stop at that bouquet, brides! You can even make your own dazzling hair combs with vintage brooches and a little know-how. Let Sabrina Soto show you how its done.

Which old jewelry craft is a diamond in the rough? And do you have any more clever ways to decorate with old jewelry? Tell us in the comments below!

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