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Floral Party Favors

This spring I am hosting a little ladies get-together, which sounds an awful lot like an activity at a resting home. It’s actually going to be a fun and fresh party, and I want the guests to take home a little treat that can keep the spirit of spring going long after the party ends. I am always racking my brain for creative party favors (aren’t we all?) and for the theme of spring I was completely stumped. I kept running through spring-y words like “flowers”, “fresh”, “fun”, when it hit me. Duh — why don’t I just send some fresh flowers home with them?! What says “spring” more than flowers? I just wanted to add a few handmade and heartfelt details to my floral party favors, and I’ll quickly teach you how to make some flower favors of your own.

Floral Party Favors


  • flowers from your local florist or grocer (You may not believe it, but I bought my flowers at Costco and they actually carry a great selection of fresh flowers.)
  • aluminum cans for each guest (I love that this craft upcycles cans that we all have laying around.)
  • craft paint (Paint in any color will work; however, I settled on white. I think it really makes the flowers stand out.)
  • paint sponge
  • twine
  • tags

Floral Party Favors

Step 1: Transform your metallic aluminum cans into repurposed individual vases using craft paint. The trick to painting cans is to apply lots of paint coats (and to be super patient). I applied my first coat of paint and let it dry for about 30 minutes. Eventually I applied 3 additional coats of paint, waiting about 30 minutes in between so that the paint could properly dry. It takes a little waiting but the end result is a lovely matte finish.

Floral Party Favors

Step 2: Add embellishments to personalize the party favors. Using yellow baker’s twine, I tied tags to each vase. You may want to write party guests’ names on the tags or a fun spring phrase like, “Go ahead and roll around in the flowers” or “If spring were a person it would be the fun aunt”. Maybe you pick your own phrase.

Floral Party Favors

Step 3: The final step is to add your flowers. Now, here are a few pointers for how to take care of those blooming babes. When you cut the stems of your flowers to the appropriate length for your can, cut them at an angle (this helps the flowers suck up more water and stay fresh). Remember that when you first cut their stems, flowers will drink more water than before so be sure to keep the cans full of water until your party starts. If you arrange the flowers ahead of time be sure to store them in a cool, shaded area. Also, I noticed that when I put my flowers in the can they didn’t quite stay put how I wanted them to. I was able to fix that by adding rocks to the bottom of my can to stabilize the flowers.

Floral Party Favors

Floral Party Favors

Floral Party Favors

There you have it! See how simple that was? Now channel your inner crafter/florist to create a spring-y favor everyone will want to take home!


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6 Responses

  1. Billie says:

    Very pretty and such a thoughtful idea, especially since it was hand made for each person you invited.. Not the cookie cutter look. Good job, and thanks for teachng me a fun idea.

  2. Patricia says:

    We did this years ago for Mother's Day. Our yard was overflowing with roses and so every mother left our party with a bouquet of red roses in a decorated mason jar.

  3. I'm going to do this when I go home tonight! Thanks. http://www.reidsflorists.co.uk/flower-collection

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